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Microfiber Precision Sponge


Ideal for base application and blending, the Microfiber Precision Sponge provides the ultimate control for precise placement of all of your foundations and concealers. Chiseled edges in two sizes helps with extra support customized to provide streak-free coverage on any part of the face. Use brand code PRISMPOP to recieve 20% off your purhcase! 💜 Hurry! Offer expires August 31st!

Use it wet: Wet it. Squeeze it. Stipple it. Perfect for liquid foundations, concealers, and contouring. Use it dry: Dip it. Tap it. Pat it. Perfect for powder bronzers, blush, and highlighters.

Microfiber Material Unlike other blending sponges, the JUNO Velvet Sponge is lightweight and made of a microfiber material that's velvety soft. We've designed the JUNO Velvet Sponge with all-over makeup application in mind, with a tapered design for precision blending for every contour of the face and a flat bottom for a more ergonomic and natural looking all-over application. Dual Layer Technology The ultra-soft, non-abrasive microfiber material is made with very small fibers that are smaller than a strand of silk and hold onto any liquid product. The second layer of our sponge is a traditional antimicrobial makeup blender. When these two layers work together, they create a fusion technology that provides the perfect blend using less product. Blender + Brush Because the outer layer is covered with microscopic fibers, it picks up and locks in your makeup products so that it can be applied exactly where you want it, just like a makeup brush. Wet or dry, your products will blend easily and effortlessly with or without water.

Better makeup. Better prices. After working in the beauty industry for nearly a decade, we noticed that prices on new products were incredibly inflated. Most brand "luxury" pieces were getting marked up almost 300% more but had the same ingredients and quality as their more affordable counterparts. Why were we spending $100+ every makeup store trip for products that were wholesale selling at a mere $5 a piece? This is when we decided to do something about it. JUNO & Co. was born with the goal of creating innovative and affordable products. After all, makeup isn't just about expressing ourselves on the outside but how it makes us feel on the inside - and why not save some money while we're at it? Today, JUNO & Co. is a growing start-up team based in San Francisco, CA. We dedicate our work to finding and creating everyday essentials and trending products that improve our confidence and quality of life.

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100% would recommend

Tina rose

Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Light Brown
Skin Tone: Medium

Love these they work so nice

I love these blending sponges they work so good very easy to use i absolutely love them i use them all the time

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5 days ago

Rhonda Miller

Great Sponge!

I recieved this Microfiber Precision Sponge and have used it everyday since. Perfect shape for all the small or large areas on my fave. Allows the makeup to glide smoothly and perfect! I would definitely buy this and Ive already told all my friends about it

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19 days ago

Dorothy schmidt

Eye Color: Amber
Hair Color: Blonde
Skin Tone: Medium

Microfiber Precision Sponge

I got this cause I wanted to girl it a try I heard really good things about the Microfiber Velvet Sponge and mini sponge so I picked this up to give it a try this makes it really easy to blend out your foundation it blends everything very smoothly I like the angles it has and that I can use it to conceal my under eyes and I can use the small edge to get into smaller areas on the face it also makes it really easy to set the under eye it expands when you wet it and it isn't to hard on the face it feels really nice I like the fuzzy feeling of it.

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20 days ago


Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Black
Skin Tone: Medium

Best sponge ever.

I love this sponge. I never understood the hype about beauty sponges until I got this one. Ever since I got it I never used brushes to apply foundation and concealer again. I love how it sheers out products but it doesn't soak up too much product. The finish it leaves is just perfect to me. I have been loving this product.

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2 months ago