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Fanola Fiber Fix N2 Bond Connector Sealing Cream


This second part of Fanola's bond fixer treatment plan seals the hair fibers into a final structure to leave your hair styles smooth and shining. Apply this after you have colored or treated the hair with the first part of the mixture then comb it through the hair for even distribution. This cream will start working to patch up the torn bonds in the hair strands from your bleaching and coloring so it holds health and color longer with a more vivid texture.

Bond Connector N.2: Rinse the hair color or lightener off then apply the Bond Connector N.2 to lengths and ends to stabilize the color and seal the cuticle. Massage then comb through. Leave on for 5 minutes on colored hair and 2 minutes on bleached hair, and then rinse off with plenty of water.

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Try the industry's leading hair color brand made in Italy and distributed here in America. All of Fanola's products are created by hairdressers, for hairdressers.

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25 days ago

I love this product. It feels and looks so nice! The works amazingly well and it doesn't come off.

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