CBD Calming Eye Balm


Dab on Cannuka's hydrating CBD Calming Eye Balm and let your moment of comforting calm arrive. The CBD Calming Eye Balm is a sublime way to moisturize, refresh, and protect delicate under-eye skin. Initially cool to the touch, Cannuka's CBD Calming Eye Balm warms on contact and transforms into a soft, silky consistency. Use twice daily as part of your health and beauty regimen to treat fine lines, puffiness, and dark circles. CBD's powerful anti-inflammatory properties relieve skin, reducing dark circles and puffiness while Manuka honey repairs the top layer of skin and the collagen layer under your eyes. We've added vitamin E, hemp seed oil, rose hip oil, and grapeseed oil, containing powerful free fatty acids to replenish and protect the skin from environmental and natural aging factors.

Gather a small amount of balm onto finger. Let the balm warm momentarily before applying under, over, and around each eye. For best results, use daily to lighten dark circles and reduce puffiness.

Bees Wax, Grapeseed Oil, Shea Butter, Hemp Seed Oil, Orange Peel Butter, Vitamin E, Rose Hip Oil, Coconut Oil, Distilled Water, Potassium Sorbate, Grapefruit Extract, Manuka Honey (Active 16+), CBD Isolate (15mg).

Cannuka is the first legitimately new idea in the beauty and health category in decades. It’s both modern and timeless; it combines some of the purest, most natural elements on Earth in a way that reflects the changing needs and interests of consumers. We took two natural, skin-loving ingredients and combined them for the first time to create something truly unique and optimally effective. Together, the unique healing properties of cannabis (CBD derived from hemp) and Manuka honey provide a daily skin therapy that both calms and heals skin — for your face, lips, cuticles, elbows, and anywhere else there’s dryness or inflammation. We're dedicated to delivering health and well-being through nature, while celebrating limitless possibilities in our commitment to your beauty and health.

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The Luxury Lover

Eye Color: Gray
Hair Color: Light Brown
Skin Tone: Light

TLC with CBD for your eyes! Amazing!

Let me start by saying that I'm SO HAPPY I found the Cannuka family of products! I recieved a travel size of the skin balm in a box, and had a coupon for a full sized product. I always need help in the eye area, so I dove right into the Calming Eye Balm. This stuff, like all the other Cannuka products I have is AMAZING! I'm a total skincare junkie! I became this way in my 30s after literally destroying my skin in my 20s. (How I wish I listened to people when they warned me about tanning beds!) I have fine lines around my eyes, and despite being fair skinned, I always look super tired thanks to puffy dark circles! I also work on the computer a lot, and my eyes just kill me at night. Ok...on to the product. The product comes in a standard plastic jar. There isn't a spatula, so I usually use my nail to remove the product. The consistency is more waxy than creamy. You have to work it with your hands for a few seconds, until it becomes a manageable consistency to spread. The scent is beyond heavily! On top of a very fresh scent, there are notes of very fresh citrus, and a scent that I like to describe as "green". Green to me is like fresh grass, outside, ect.) Once you get your product in a more liquified, workable state it goes on the skin very well. It doesn't feel the least bit heavy, and it doesn't pull the skin at all. It isn't a product that absorbs quickly, rather take a moment or 2 and let it sink into the skin for maximum hydration and healing! I like to use it in my PM routine (especially if I need to wake up and look like I've actually slept well!) as I apply last, then get right to bed. I have also used in my AM routine, again, waiting for a few moments to actually let the product sink in. The formula is quite thick, and at times could feel a bit greasy (a little but goes a Loooooong way here, giving the jar a nice value!), but surprisingly this is a nice base under concealer! It really protects the gentle skin under and around your eyes well. Also, due to the thicker consistency, it almost fills in, and thus has a blurring effect, on fine lines around the eyes! The benifits of this formula are quite extensive! First, if you need mega moisture and hydration, this is the product for you! Hydration is crucial in preventing new wrinkles, so this is great for preventative measures! I live in Upstate NY where cold winters are brutal on my skin. I like to run or walk outside daily. Cannuka Eye Balm has saved my skin from painful, dry cracking skin! It will prevent it, but it also treats it quickly. This also reduces my discolored circles like magic! It's amazing when I wear it to bed and wake up with rested eyes! It's like a magic eraser for dark circles! I've mentioned several notes on how great this formula is on preventing and blurring wrinkles, but I'll also add that bare skinned, my wrinkles are much less noticeable since using. One last thing I'll add is that after a long day at work, when my eyes are pounding, a small pencil tip amount of this formula is all I need to remove that pain! It truly is wonderful! All these benifits in a natural, vegan product that doesn't contain retinol! Count me in! Cannuka has really been a pioneer in the CBD skincare field! They really know exactly what to mix to get guaranteed, positive results. The CBD Calming Eye Balm is a must have in my bathroom, and I highly recommend it to anyone who needs relief and care on their skin! *Note- this product is cool to the touch. Even after warming it between your fingers, it will still feel cool and refreshing on your skin. To take it to a whole other level, keep this product in the fridge! Talk about invigorating!

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