You're Invited To My Masquerade Party at Juvia's Place!

The Masquerade Mini Eyeshadow Palette
Juvia's Place

When I first discovered Juvia's Place, I kinda went crazy and purchased almost every single product on their website! (Shhhh! Don't tell anyone!) Lol I just can't get enough of them! It's not just the eyshadow palettes, the Loose Powder Highlighters are breathtaking and their Makeup Brushes are super effective!

Their products are mostly aimed towards Deeper Skin tones or Women and Men of Color but they now have products for lighter skin tones like mine. That's the greatest thing about this brand, they are for EVERYONE!


Juvia's Place has the prettiest artwork on the covers of their products! African Warrior Paint and Queens. This particular eyeshadow palette has a woman with the prettiest colorful warrior paint on her face (not sure who she is though?) that is bright and bold. This look is a great Halloween Makeup idea! (which I tried)

**Formula & Texture**

The Masquerade Mini has 3 different finishes. It has Matte, Shimmer and Metallic finishes. This palette has SO many geat qualities. Here are a few that stand out the most -

  • Soft Texture
  • Vibrant & Opaque
  • Little to no Fall-Out
  • Long Lasting
  • Applies Creamy, Buttery-Smooth
  • All Shades Blend Out & Together Flawlessly 
  • Doesn't need an Eyeshadow Primer or Glue
  • Shades are Buildable (matte shades are a bit more difficult to achieve Vibrancy)
  • Perfect Palette For Halloween Looks

Honestly, the only downside to this Eyeshadow Palette is how the Matte Shades apply. They are much more difficult to build and blend BUT it's still possible.

My First Experience with this Palette

My first experience with using this Eyeshadow Palette was Hilarious! At a Halloween Party where there was a bit (a BIG bit) of Champagne and Wine going around, we played a game where we had to do our makeup super fast. We chose from a hat, different looks and I pulled out "the cover of the Masquerade Palette". We each got 5 mins to complete as much as we could. I think for being slightly intoxicated and having to rush, I did a pretty good job. As you can see in the pictures. Lol

I used my Pixi By Petra 'Silky Eye Pen' in Black to line the look. Then I used shades -
- Bori (Hot Pink)
- Zola (Aqua Blue)
- Dalia (Royal Blue)
- Makeda (Metallic Purple)
- Giza (Light Beige)

My Final Thoughts & Conclusion -
I am completely impressed with this palette. It's Vibrant, Opaque and Stunning! It would look amazing on any skin type or tone. I definitely recommend it. It's totally worth the purchase and the price. Thank you for reading!

I would absolutely love and appreciate to hear your thought and feedback! Let me know in the comments below! Thanks Lovelies!

Until Next Time Lovelies...........

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  • Shell🐚Bee🐝

    Wow the pigment in this eye shadow is off the wall! It really pops!! This is definitely something I would try if I was going for something more bold to stand out.