Color Club Nail Lacquers - My First Prism Pop Tester Bag!

Hey there! I got these 5 polishes by Color Club through PrismPop. Getting anything for free right now is huge and I am super grateful. 

So I tried all 5, I swatched them, anyway. Here's my thoughts, I'll start with my least fave to the ones I liked the best.

Matte-erial Girl 💅

This one looked super gold, though there is a hint of pink/rose to it, but the gold is what really stood out to me. I am not at all a fan of anything gold, personally. Other than the color, the polish was fine. It applied smooth and dried fast, even with 2 coats. Dries matte, hence the name... I do like a matte finish normally but this color is not for me. 

Yes, Of Quartz 💅

Upon first seeing the bottle, I thought this one was going to be my favorite. I'm a sucker for iridescent glitter, esp pink. However when I painted it on it was much, much thicker than the others and didn't really apply well or smooth at all. I honestly don't know if this was just my particular bottle or if this is the regular formulation of this polish. I'm going to thin it down a little and try it again. Hopefully that'll help. 

Cobbler Gobbler 💅💅

This sherbet/creamsicle orange is cute and would be fun for a summer pedi, not a color I'd wear too often. 

C.G. was a little on the thin & runny side and absolutely needs 2 coats or it'll look streaky.  It also dried pretty fast. 

Martian, Martian, Martian 💅💅💅💅

A pretty bright green, definitely brighter than how it looks in the bottle. You could get away with 1 coat but it would look deeper with 2. It dried pretty quick too & with a nice glossy finish. Definitely one I liked a lot. I think it'd also look cool with a matte top coat, if you like that sort of thing. 

Feeling Under The Weather 💅💅💅💅

Definitely my #1 pick out of all the color choices. A nice powdery blue-gray that would also be nice with a matte finish or some kind of holo or glitter topper. This went on pretty smooth, you could get away with one coat, but ...  Again, it dried quick & had a nice glossy finish too. 

Overall I'd give Color Club 💅💅💅💅, they have a wide range of colors and are def affordable. The only thing I wish was that the brush was wider. I HATE 🤬😡🤬😡🤬😡🤬 those skinny brushes. Even with the skinny brush, I'd still definitely buy some other colors to try. 



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  • Sabrina

    I thought I would like the quartz, but after reading this in think I like the blue one instead as my first pick. You make a good case and I really like the fast drying with only a single application needed. Not a fan of skinny brushes either! Thank you for that info. Looks like it's still worth a try. Thanks for this very detailed review. 💜