Wow ~ Neutrogena Hydro Boost Water Gel

I can't believe I am just now trying this product! Where have you been all my life?  I have been seeing this product on TV and magazines for a while now and always wanted to try it so when I saw it on sale for the super low, I decided to order some. Not that it's very expensive, I believe it's in the $20-25 range at drug stores everywhere. I just have a thing about paying full 

I have to tell you, I'm pretty impressed by this moisterizer!  It's so light and not oily or greasy feeling at all, you put it on and it soaks immediately into your skin and feels so amazing! But the part I found most amazing, is that the effects last for hours! It seems to just keep producing it's own moisture, 6 hours later my face and neck still felt soft and dewy. I don't know how it works, I think it's magical, as the feel of it is just about like water...I mean, you get no sense of oils or creams or anything that might block pores or leave any residue! It has virtually no oder, and it's a beautiful, refreshing light blue color. 

I just started using this Hydro Boost Water Gel, it came Friday so I've been using it for 3 days. So far I'm very happy with it. I have boxes of skin care products, I've tried so many! It's hard for me to find the right balance of moisture without clogging my pores and/or breaking me out. I have weird, combination skin...super dry in some spots and very oily and acne prone in others. So far this Neutrogena product has been working well on my entire face so I may have found my holy grail! Have you tried this yet, or any of the other Hydro Boost products from Neutrogena?  If so, let me know in the comments, I'm curious about others' experiences! As always, my beauties, please let me get a like or a wanna try? Thank you and have a beautiful week!

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