Worth trying

I tried this palette and I was super surprised with how well it worked. I was able to do everyday natural looks and fancy looks. The color range  helped me get out of my comfort zone. I love trying new products and seeing what works in this one is a really good one. The brush really help to work well

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  • Christy

    What item are you reviewing?

  • Nicole Hoffman

    That is a sweet up close and personal picture! Nice review, if you click on my name you can find a bunch of sweet stuff and lots of opportunity to connect coin

  • sally peabody

    Your review is actually very good. This sounds like a palette of colors I would like to try. My first review had no picture because I thought I had included it. I made a mistake so with or without a picture or name I love your use of words in describing this. Thank you !

  • Sarah

    Try taking a better picture of product also it helps to mention the name of the products in your post! Good luck! Follow me.