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Work flowing

Simple yet popping. Love my make up. #readmylips #lipsdontlie 

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  • Hibah

    This is a really pretty look! Your mascara is pretty looking on you and the lips really suit your skin tone! I love your hair! Too Faced is a great brand, I have tried the waterproof version of this mascara. Thanks for showing us this amazing inspirational post!

  • sally peabody

    Beautiful look !!

  • Jennie

    Love it girl

  • Anna hudson

    Now that a color,I!think this is the prettiest color I've seen yet so far ,looks great on you,I'd love to try this gorgeous!!

  • Maggie

    beautiful! what's the lip? Would love to see more pics of everything - you can upload up to 4 I think! 🥰

  • Madison

    This is my go to mascara. I carry a travel size with me everywhere I go for a touch up if needed. I love the brand too faced. Looks so good on you!

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