Wipes you can use without rinsing by Knours

Hey Prismpop, it’s Christine again! Today I’m trying a product that’s new to me that comes in the Starter kit by Knours.
It is the Knours In Bed Wipes. 🛌
💙 I love a wipe that cleans my face and doesn't need to be rinsed away!
✈️ This is perfect for travel, busy lifestyles, and just being too lazy to go wash your face... I can't be the only one that has been too tired or lazy to be bothered to get up and wash my face after a long day, right?
✨ These wipes are so great! They leave your face clean and refreshed! 😄
If you want to try this make sure you click the “I wanna try” button. 😍 Also click like 👍 if you like the video and comment letting me know what you think of the product.
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  • Lindsey andrews

    too cool id love to review it

  • sally peabody

    Sound perfect !

  • Amanda Lingle

    Ah how great is a wipe to clean your face that you dont have to wash off. When I get into my routine at night it consist of 2 things I have to wet my face, apply and then wash them both off. So this would be so much better than spending all my time with wash off products. I need all the extra time at night I can get to spend with my 5 kiddos. Plus these would be perfect when we travel anywhere. Makes more room in my over night bag. Thanks for the positive review again.

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