*WICKED swatch & review CIAT'E LONDON

I have been digging into June GLOSSYBOX pretty hard. I am so impressed with this subscription. For only $22 ​​​​​, I get hooked up pretty damn good.  The first product I wanna Showcase is the....


📣This is a Multi-reflective, dazzling eye Shadow. Each of the 5 mega-impact jewelled shades, that CIAT'E LONDON offer, combine high-metallic, multi-dimensional pigments with ultra-fine glitters.

😍Velvety to touch, the unique marbled powder formula feels like a cream shadow and applies to the lid with wet look, full coverage sparkle.

📝Marbled Metals are best used directly on the eyelid using fingertips for intense metallic-glitter pay-off in one swipe.

📦 Comes in a nice sized round, glass, twist container. Plenty of product.


💰 This it's worth $24 and you can find it at Sephora online & in store. I happened to get this is June GLOSSYBOX ​​for pretty much $5

🤓💭 I have never been a huge fan of cream eyeshadow, simply because my eyelids have aged and as you can see from the video, my lil crows feet, or whatever the heck is happening, has happened. You can see where it looks janky. But I love this color. I love how pigmented it is, and how shiny it gets. It is super creamy, it's just not for these eyelids. Another gift for baby sister... 

Oh, and I suppose you are wondering about those under-eye pads that I got going on... That post is coming very very soon, so keep checking back in 🤓

Thank you so much for viewing! Which CIAT'E LONDON products have you tried? What is your favorite? Wanna try this? Hit the 😍❤ and comment below! I'll see you very soon! ✌


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  • Rachael Tam

    I have been wanting to try these for awhile now! I wish I would've gotten it in my Glossybox! You're lucky! Thank you for the wonderful review! 💗

  • Sabrina

    Yes, yes, yes! The perfect combo of sparkle & shimmer! 😍 This video is perfect too. Ask the elements answer answer questions about how it spreads, how it looks opening it etc. Looking forward to the other product under your eyes. 💜