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Why I Had to Try L’Oreal Lash Paradise Mascara

On YouTube, this mascara is clearly having its moment. All the big beauty YouTubers compare it to the best-seller Too Faced Better Than Sex (which is called Better Than Love in Dubai)(lol, I swear). I tried the Too Faced in the past, but I didn’t like it, it was super flaky just after a few hours, it’s really not a long-lasting mascara…
I also tried the waterproof version, which is better, so I admit that the promise of a dupe for more than half the price is very tempting!
📦Packaging - It’s true that the pink packaging and also the brush of the L’Oréal mascara looks a lot like the Too Faced one. But the formulas are quite different, IMO.
📣Claims - The brand describes it as a volumizing mascara but also lengthening, and above all, it insists on the fact that it doesn’t flake. Difficult not to see a reference to the Too Faced! 
The brand also claims that the waterproof version is very long-lasting.
🎨Colors - This mascara exists in 5 versions: 3 different colors in a classic formula (black, blackest black, and black brown) and 2 waterproof versions (black and blackest black). I chose the waterproof version (as usual because I have super straight lashes and waterproof mascaras hold the curl better) in the blackest black color.
The brush is very similar to the Too Faced BTS one, with its hourglass shape. It’s a classic bristle brush, not a synthetic one. It’s quite thick, and it has more than 200 bristles to intensely thicken the eyelashes.
💧Formula - The formula is very creamy, not thick at all and quite “dry”. It’s easy to apply, and it’s not clumpy at all. It’s very easy to layer it. It’s not flaky during the day.
🖌Application/ Brush - It’s a thick classic brush with bristles, and it applies the mascara on all the eyelashes without putting it everywhere. It has a slight hourglass shape, and it has different hair sizes to catch all the eyelashes, including the shortest ones.
I found it rather easy to use.
To get more volume, I practice the technique of the zig-zag application (I oscillate my brush during the application), which allows me to spread the formula everywhere on the eyelashes. And also, I apply several layers because the original volume effect is a little bit light for my liking (unlike the Too Faced BTS which has a much more visible volumizing effect on the first layer).
👀Lash separation - For a volumizing mascara, I don’t find it clumpy at all, and it really separates well the eyelashes. The formula is rather flexible on the eyelashes, that’s probably why.
◉Color - The Blackest Black color is a very beautiful intense black, I like it very much.
⏱Lasting power - It lasts very well, all day long without flaking or smudging.
💵Value for money - It retails for $9.99. Honestly, even if you need to apply several layers for a nice volumizing effect, it’s still worth it compared to the Too Faced BTS! wink
Although I’m not totally amazed with the volumizing effect of this mascara, I still like it. It’s a good product, especially for this price! (smiley emoji)


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