Who knew getting baked was so much fun 😜 baked blush by*MILANI

Hey everyone! It's your girl Nicole, back again with another post. Now I know you've been seeing me make "double" posts on the same product, but I like doing both pictures and videos plus it doubles my chances of being featured. I figured at least one or the other will get blasted up there.Thank you for viewing though, I appreciate all of you.


So long story short, I absolutely love this blush. It's so adorable and affordable. For $8.00 you can choose from 11 different blush possibilities and I had to choose the #1 Dolce pink. It gives a light pink hugh with tons of shine behind it. Easy application because it comes with its own mirror and blush brush that is built in for safe keeping. MILANI is a winner for sure and I can't wait to try more of there products. Booya. If you want to see the video and extra info go check it out!

Again, thanks for viewing! What's your favorite Milani product so far? Comment below and drop the 😍♥for a chance at 156 coins! Catch y'all later ✌

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