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Who doesn’t love inexpensive makeup? Review of E.L.F.’s $2 Lip Stains!

Who doesn’t love inexpensive makeup? No one I know! One of my very favorite brands, E.L.F. (Eyes Lips Face) which used to only be available in Target or online and maybe the occasional dollar store, is now available at CVS! When I saw this I was SUPER excited, as I absolutely LOVE their studio brush line as well as some other products. But on either side of their display are some products from their Essentials line, the $1-$2 range of products. Some are great, some are just OK, and some straight up suck. But yesterday something drew me into the Essential Lip Stains, and at $2 a piece I just HAD to try them for you guys! I picked up three, Nude Nectar, Pink Petal, and Berry Flush. So read on for my review!
It’s your standard felt tip marker applicator that you find in most products like this – while it does have a very precise tip, I find it to be a little TOO stiff, so I sort of lay it on its side for the most even application, which at best is difficult.
These little babies are HIGHLY pigmented for a marker stain. I have a few by other brands that I have to make a couple passes to build up the color, which I really like. I like having the option for very sheer, “I just bit my lip” kind of color, and making my way up to a deeper hue. These give a lot of color in just one or two swipes, so be prepared!
The formula itself is quite wet. I find that if I swipe once or twice and then sort of press my lips together it works the best, then I can go back for the Cupid’s bow and sort of make it a bit more defined. It sets quickly, so work fast – and be VERY VERY careful to not get it anywhere else because when I tell you this stuff stains, it STAINS!
This is where things get a little tricky. When I bought them, I immediately ripped open the nude shade and applied it in the car mirror. It really clung to any little dry spots on my lips, especially the bottom lip, and settled into the lines on my lips. It didn’t feather out, which I appreciated. I would suggest using some sort of lip exfoliating product before applying. But when I tried the pink shade last night I had no problem. I chose the berry shade for this morning (which is VERY berry btw) and it seems to be going strong. I think it’s gonna take a little getting used to. The wear time on these are great though. Usually with any stain I see fading after a couple hours. I applied this at 630 this morning and it’s almost 10am and no fading or transfer at all. Color me impressed!
Yes and no – there are so many marker stains out there nowadays – Revlon, NYC, Covergirl – but if you’re looking for something inexpensive to experiment with, or just throw in your bag or even TRAVEL with, then yes. They DO last a good long while on the lips. I would recommend Petal Pink and Nude Nectar for day time any day – they have a great “I’ve been making out for hours” look. The Berry Flush shade would be a GREAT lippie for fall, or even a night out on the town! So go ahead and give them a try!
Or HAVE you tried them already?! Let me know!! Leave me a comment with YOUR opinions! And if you aren’t already, go follow me on Twitter and Instagram @dlynnesposito
XOXO – Donna 💟
Original content: https://affordablegorgeous.wordpress.com/2015/10/20/review-e-l-f-essential-lip-stains/

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  • haku izunami

    considering how cheap it is im so glad it looks so high pigmented! so i really want to try them. quick question did this dry you out?

  • Micheala

    Would Love to try this

  • Melissa Griffith

    For onlyy $2 I am gonna give them a try. I like using lip stains better than traditional lipstick because it always lasts longer on me. Sephora has a really good stain in their in house collection that I have currently been using. Hopefully this can be a dupe for it.

  • Lori Odaniel

    I absolutely love elf if might be cheap but the packing is fabulous you did a wonderful review.


    I'm not sure I'd like experimenting with something that stains your lips for a day... lol Just saying.. I have seen alot of the ELF cosmetics at numerous retailers.. I might have to try the other cosmetics you've mentioned you like..

  • Bailey

    i love the longevity of these! they stay on for hours! and the packaging is very lightweight

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