What's the deal with Master PRIME? Lemme show you!

Hey everyone it's Nicole! Back again with something that I love dearly and figured Id show yall! Enjoy!

Maybelline master Prime/blur+smooth formula

🔬what it is: This is my favorite makeup primer on the planet! Base primer

📍what it does: visually blurs tone imperfections and smooths fine lines. Primes skin for a smooth start. Lightweight non oily formula. Does not clog pores.

📝Application: so easy, just wear alone or under makeup to refine wear

🎁Package: 1 fl oz of product in a plastic squeeze tube. 

💵Money: I paid around $6 for this and I pay over and over because it's worth every penny

🤓💭Final thought: like I stated in my video, I have re purchaced this 3 times. That's because it really does work and I've never had a breakout from it.i liked that it's creamy and makes my face like silk. I recommend this to anyone with a face.

Thank you for viewing! Do you have a favorite primer? Comment below and if it's a contributing comment (few sentences) you can score 150 coins! ♥😍 for Another 6 coin. Follow me if you havnt already! Show the love! See you next time!


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