What order do u apply?

Hey boos 

I am wondering  how everyone  applies there skincare,  and makeup,  like what order  do you apply, moisturizing,  do you use a serum, or oil, 

 My skincare  routine  is as follows 

1.  I wash my face with clean & clear morning  burst  ( orange  blast) with moisture beads 

2  after washing  i start with nutragena  hylaronic acid  retinol  oil, 

3.  After that soaks in I use my e.l.f poreless face primer  ( pink bottle)  which makes my face feel like satin, and so hydrated,  ( peppermint  scent) 

4 I proceed  with my maybelline  BB cream with spf, ( love that fact)  130 medium 

5 I then use my maybelline  consealer  ( especially  under eyes)  takes care of alot of lines, 

6 at this point I'm ready for my foundation ( maybelline  dream decay matte finish  in medium  shade 

7 I finish up with eyeshadow, eyeliner, and eyebrows,  and blush

So in what order do you apply skincare and makeup  for the day? Idk if my way is proper  but this is how I do it, any better routine? Lmk in comments 

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  • Myshell

    I think it's moisturizer after Serum and then is makeup !! It's so confusing , I wish they made one thing that worked for everything.!! That would be so 😎

  • Sabrina

    Thank you! I love your way, I don't really understand it enough to have my own. How do you apply the bb cream? It's such a small tube, not sure what it's for. Thank you. 💜