What is Santorini? I'll show & tell you 😍 Ofra Liquid Lipstick!

😍 This matte liquid lipstick is a berry pink with a metallic finish, long-lasting color that perfectly outlines and fills in lips, turning your pout into kissable velvet. Stunning pigments stay put all day with minimal transfer while maintaining a comfortable bear. Infused with vitamin A and antioxidants, lips look and feel healthy all day.
πŸ“ Using applicator, line lips, and use single strokes to fill in lips completely. Let set for several minutes before eating or drinking.
🌈 34 beautiful shades to choose from! They even have black!
πŸ’° These range from $10-20. The shade I received for completely FREE was worth $20.
πŸ€”And for those wondering, Santorini is an island in the Aegean Sea. Idk what it has to do with this lipstick shade, but I dig it.
I like this lippie! I have never tried OFRA lip anything before, so this was a real treat. I really love that it came in my BOXYCHARM for pretty much freeeee. I wanted to show y'all what it looked like on my lips, but my video editor refused to cooperate, so I settled with a swatch. I just might do a picture post on this as well, because this is some really good stuff. It goes on really nicely, no bleeding, and the color is prime. I really want to add to this collection for sure.
Thank you for viewing! Have you tried this? What are your likes? Dislikes? Wanna try? Hit the 😍❀ and comment below to grab some coins! I'll see you soon! ✌

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