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Week 2 of Collective Labratories Activating Serum

Hi everyone!

🧐So let me start of by saying that I have been experiencing some pretty weird side effects. If you go to the third picture, you'll see my super greasy, sticky back and sides of my head. Now, I always make sure to get all the right spots while I shampoo and my hair doesn't come out of the shower like this. However, when I use the serum, it makes my hair super greasy and sticky like in the picture! I'm not using a whole lot of it, either, and I spread it evenly across my head. Pretty gross.

The front of my head is pretty much the same. I haven't noticed any changes. I've been using this serum pretty much every 2-3 days after I was my hair and nothing has changed. I don't feel any tingling during use.

Honestly, I'm excited for this trial to end so I don't have to feel like I'm walking around with wax on the back of my head! 😖

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  • Kachina Xu

    Hi Sabrina! Thanks for your honest review. I actually had the same issue when first started using the serum . What I did to avoid getting greasy was blowdrying the roots of my hair very briefly before putting the serum on! I notice it doesn't make my hair greasy when I apply to a drier scalp. Maybe try that? Hope it helps

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