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We All Knew We Were Going To Be Suckers For This Bronzer

Physicians Formula suddenly released their Butter Bronzer about a month or two back and everyone went nuts. It has a beautiful gradient packaging. It has an embossed print on the powder. It smells like old timey sun tan lotion (or bleach, as I so nicely described in my recent favourites video…). I mean, we all knew we were going to be suckers for this compact, weren’t we?
🎨The Butter Bronzer comes in two shades – Light Bronze and Bronze. The one pictured in this post is the darker of the two (Bronze), although the paler (Light Bronze) shade is maybe a HAIR paler.
As with most Physicians Formula compacts, the mirror is actually in the base of the product, alongside a… brush… type… thing. Well… usually it’s a brush. This time it’s some weird mushy sponge applicator that will do NO ONE any favors for application.
Unless you wanted tiger stripes.
This can definitely give you tiger stripes.
🙃Anyway, the brush/sponge/thing is irrelevant to me as I threw it out immediately. Like honestly. How are you going to blend bronzer with THAT *THING*?
☀️On my skintone, it’s fairly subtle. I love how it blends out without much work AND it doesn’t look like I overdid it at all. In both the shot above and below, I’m wearing the bronzer on the back of my cheekbones, around my temples, and along my jaw line.
It even seems to match incredibly cool-toned looks, which is a huge blessing.
☀️Final Thoughts

Aside from that ridiculous sponge thing in the bottom of the compact, the Physicians Formula Butter Bronzer is absolutely wonderful through and through. 
👃Worth noting though: the scent of the bronzer is pretty potent and you can actually smell it through the compact. So give it a sniff in stores to see if it’s something that will bother you. I personally love the scent, but it will linger on your brushes (not through a good cleansing though!).
🎨The colour is pale and soft, not overtly warm, but warm enough to make it look like you’re sunkissed. This does skew towards us paler folks, so I think if you’re medium-deep, this won’t work for you. (I also anticipate this not working for me when I’ve got some summer colour on my face.) I’ve been reaching for this bronzer practically every single day and I’ve almost already worn away the pattern. It’s been a long time since I’ve fallen for a bronzer so hard!
Original content: https://www.makeup-your-mind.net/2016/05/physicians-formula-butter-bronzer-review-swatches/

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