Watermelon Peel-Off Mask Adventure with Purlisse & Trish

I everyone its Trish and this is my first ever video on PrismPop! Today I will be trying the Watermelon Energizing Peel-Off Mask by Purlisee!
Here are my thoughts and experience:
🎭 What the mask is suppose to do: tighten the skin, visibly reduce pores and brighten the skin ✨
🎀 Its very pinky, which is cute.. I don't know where the marshmallow fits in but it definitely reminds me of a watermelon 🍉
🤔 Texture: Thick, kind of feels like toothpaste on my face but I'm not the best at describing skincare textures (YET)
😁 Overall: Felt tight on my face because it tightens the skin... I definitely saw some firming and brightening going on. But let me know what you see!
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Click 😍 "I wanna try" if you want to feel this mask and tell your friends to use code "Trish" to sign up and get 500 points to redeem FREE FULL-SIZED products in the rewards store!!!

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