*Was Tatcha gold spun lip balm worth my 47,500 coin??

Hey everyone! Nicole back yet again, and today I wanted to share the *Tatcha camellia gold spun lip balm that I got when I traded in 47,500 prismpop coins. When I seen it on the rewards I was like YES, GOLD... I LIKE GOLD...PRECIOUS...(smeagle like) But after my coins were gone, my gold trance stopped and I was wishing I could just go back and keep my coins. BUT damage is done so here is what your girl, Nicole thinks about it.

I loved the packaging! Just stunning. Upon opening you can see how beautiful the balm looks. Upon smelling, it smells like faint oranges. Not too smelly though. This is very oily balm, just greasy really. And as you seen I felt like I had to dig in there to get a satisfying amount to go on my lips, but I didn't like what I seen really. Just a couple random gold flakes hanging out on my lips..IDK it just really wasn't my look. But I am not a wasteful person and I shall use it till the end.

I wouldn't go out and blow $30 of real money on it though...Just NO NO NO. 

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  • Daisy

    Give it to me lol 😂 Just kidding 😝

  • Lindley

    I ❤️ honest reviews!

  • sally peabody

    I am a fan of oily esp on my lips. I had to go check this out to see if there are any benefits so you could at least sleep in it and dream of gold coins raining down on you. It has anti oxidants from the Camilla oil. You are well protected. Honestly I just might like this over a dark lipstick for shimmer and shine. It did say this "23-Karat Gold flakes leave a subtle gleam on lips when crushed." Can you pawn it ? Seriously though it is very pretty and you may be able to work with it over a matte color. Get the one back from your niece !!

  • Crystal Jones

    Aww stinks that its not worth your precious coins😭😭

  • Samantha

    I love gold lol but IDK why people think they need to put them in beauty products. Great review

  • Amanda Lingle

    Yikes. I feel bad you spent so many coins on that. The packaging is really cute! But like you I am turned off by those huge gold flakes just sitting in there. I dont personally like oily greasy things on my lips. But thank you for reviewing it for us.

  • Wade

    I am not a fan of oily lip stuff either. Great review girl!