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Warm Glitter Glow - Feeling Radiant in Melanie Mills Hollywood!

I was lucky enough to receive this PrismPop Tester Bag with the Sexy Sampler Pack of GLEAM body radiance - Six Illuminators by Melanie Mills Hollywood... let's see how these perform!

The samplers come in little pots with Hollywood Walk of Fame stars on them... so cute. They may seem small but they pack a big punch!
After swatching, all six of these illuminators were extremely rich in texture... creamy and thick. Each of them glide on quite thick and smoothly except for Opalescence. 
🌟 Deep Gold was absolutely astonishing on my dark skin, was the creamiest like in texture of the six, and my favourite. Though it is beautiful on dark skin, it’s a colour that can do no wrong on ANYbody.
✨ Disco Gold was beautiful and popped on my skin. Its effect is in its name, it gives you disco vibes of a look. Also has a great texture, especially for glitter!
πŸ₯‰ Bronze Gold was a close second in beauty on my dark skin in comparison to deep gold. Very warm and complimentary. Texture is still consistent, feels smooth and soft. 
🀍 Opalescence was the least “creamy” like in texture and I did not love it against my dark skin tone especially in comparison to the rest. The light shade just comes off a bit too bright pink for my taste.
πŸ₯€ Rose Gold was rose gold, of course. A warmer, softer gold that seems like it'd be the most universal. Creamy like the rest and also gorgeous on my dark skin. 
πŸ‘ Peach Deluxe was like a mix between deep and opalescence. If they had a baby! Very subtly gorgeous, peachy. Also creamy but less creamy than deep gold and bronze gold - maybe due to it’s lighter colour? 
A tip for use - keep the coverage light, because this product is POTENT... as you can see from the swatches!

I used two shades for my look - that's all it takes!
πŸ… Deep Gold on the eyes
πŸ₯‰ Bronze Gold on the cheeks

I feel as radiant as the sun! Even inside, I look kissed by golden hour light β˜€οΈ what more could you ask for?
I will definitely be keeping the deeper shades close to add a bronzy, gold pop to any makeup look ✨ 
What's your favorite shade? πŸ’•

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