Wander Beauty Baggage Claim Gold Eye Mask - Is it any good?

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☺ Hi, guys it’s Yuki back again for the second step of my got-a-late-start Morning Routine, featuring products new to me from the PrismPop Sample Store!
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✌️ So this is the second step of a refreshing, extra pampering Monday morning routine. (The first step is here!)
πŸ… Wander Beauty Gold Eye Mask is a three-layer mask and the gold layer actually traps heat to keep the product applying to your skin super efficiently.
βœ‚οΈ The packaging is no joke - I had to get scissors to open it and then it had not one but two layers of protection keeping your masks super safe.
πŸ‘ Application was great, the masks stick really well and stayed put for 15 minutes while I continued my routine with other sample products! (Follow me - coming soon!)
🌊 After peeling it off slowly, I was really able to tell a difference in my under-eye area. Amazing, my face is coming back to life after a long weekend!
βœ… I totally recommend trying this out, my skin felt tighter and brighter and it was just generally a really nice, pampering product to add to you routine.
Keep watching my next videos to see the rest of my Monday Morning routine (even if they don’t go up on a Monday…) - Coming Soon!
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