A New Volumizing Dry Shampoo for Sensitive Scalp

Hello Prismpop!
I’m Crystal and today I’m trying this Dry Cleanser from Bella Spirit by Chaz Dean! 
My scalp is sensitive, and this cleanser is one of the few that my scalp can tolerate without itching like crazy! This is a “non-traditional” dry shampoo, formulated without harsh, oil absorbing ingredients. 
Contains Lavender, Eucalyptus, Cucumber and Bamboo waters to help refresh style. Contains antioxidant rich four tea complex and honey extracts, and zeolite clay to help amp up your hair's volume and body. 
Gives the appearance of freshly cleansed hair.
Does NOT leave a white residue after spraying into my hair! 
After spraying it in, my hair immediately felt thicker as if I sprayed a texture spray into my hair. 
It also mattified my scalp, if that’s a thing, but it didn’t dry it out. (I have a dry and sensitive scalp for the past year, but this cleanser doesn’t seem to bother my scalp.) 
Using this cleanser once a week seems to be going well, since I only wash my hair two times a week. 
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  • Amber

    🤔 I hope it works on my completly damaged hair

  • Tina rose

    This sounds nice need get this for my husband

  • Kelli Baxter

    This sounds so good. So many dry shampoos dry out your scalp and leave it out of balance.

  • Luz martinez

    I wanna try

  • nicole bowers

    Thanks for a great video, it was very detailed and informative!

  • Shannon citrino

    Very helpful! I have very long (33") of natural hair so it gets heavy. Volume becomes nonexistent and I end up with a bunch of product making my head smell g re eat..but other than that makes me itch...lol!

  • Sonika Raj

    Wow this dry hair shampoo sounds good. I have tried Dove dry hair shampoo that left white residue on my hair so i didn't like it. I will try Bella spirit to get the look i want. Thanks for your review your hair look beautiful.

  • Lisa Martin

    Thanks for the video I really need this shampoo and after this video I will be getting it

  • Gigi G

    Another great video!!

  • Emily Thomas

    i have never tried dry shampoo but based on all the good reviews i really do now!

  • Ja-Nee

    I love products that are good for sensitive skin. My newest Product I and currently loving is Murad Clarifying cleanser. It is an amazing cleasner that helps with acne. It's perfect for those days when I'm having a breakout. I do not use it all the time.

  • Ruby Lee

    Love to try this love your video

  • Chrissy Sanders

    I am liking what I saw in your video. I cannot use most hair products in my hair because it causes my head to itch. Seeing this gives me hope again!! Thank you for the review!

  • Patricia

    This product seems to be what I'm looking for, like the ingredients, no residue, and won't dry out my scalp, I always get a flaky scalp with dry shampoos, some more than others, so this is a must try for me, thanks for the great review! My newest favorite is the revamped version of YSL Touche Eclat, now so much more pigmented, High Cover Radiant Concealer for full coverage instead of just the highlighting effect. Happy New Year 2020!

  • Anna hudson

    My son uses these dry shampoos a lot,this looks nice,I'm using a purple lipstick for the holidays its fun.

  • Naf

    Nice. I like the ingredients and love your hair. My newest beauty favorite is cleen beauty eggplant eye balm. It actually works and does cool my under eye area and lightens it too.

  • Stephanie Grant

    This sounds great, I would really want to try this out

  • Tia kitchens

    One of my newest products I am loving is the Hank & Henry ego eye kits. I have two of them and the shadows blend like a dream, they are so beautiful and the luster dust (loose pigment on the bottom) sparkles so beautifully. I am obsessed! I love dry shampoo especially to do a messy bun

  • Crystal Jones

    I need this product in my life!!I will definitely be trying this one out for myself!

  • Tina Brehm

    Love your videos really helpful! My new fav right now is olay retinol 24. After a week already reducing redness yay!

  • Chelli counts

    Awesome job with your review and I have never tried a dry shampoo before and this makes me want to try it have a happy New year

  • sally peabody

    Great tutorial...seriously ! There is a trick to dry shampoo but I needed to see it to get it. Thank you this was excellent and your hair is beautiful ! New Years for me is Beauty from the inside out. I mentioned Hot Creme previously no need for me to repeat that book I wrote. Love this Body cream along with my NeoCell Super Collagen Powder I mix in my coffee every AM. Both products add firmness and elasticity to the skin on my entire body. Lots of hydration, moisture and stimulation through massage and quality good for you internally ingredients. Happy New Year !!!

  • Mart Truelove

    I love that it gave a nice lift of volume.

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