I Got This Bronzer Blush Duo in my July Ipsy Glambag!

Hey PrismPop! I’m Crystal! Today I will be using the Sundreams Lotus Infused Bronzer Duo by Pacifica!
This is rose and coconut infused. I’m only going to use the contour powder so I’m grabbing my Sephora Pro Angled Blush Brush, and that’s #49, and I’m applying the contour powder to the hollows of my cheeks.
This is a matte bronzer, so I really like that, it’s really good for adding depth to your face. As you can see, I’m just gradually applying more and more contour powder.
Not only do I apply that to the hollows of my cheeks, but I also add some to my forehead to make it appear a little shorter. With that same brush, I’m going to add contour to both sides of my nose to make it appear a little thinner (To make my nose appear a lot thinner, I would need a smaller detail brush that will also be another video).
Once I’m done blending that contour powder on my face, I can then move onto blush. That will be my next video, so follow me on PrismPop to watch!
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