VARUZA Real Natural Sheet Mask ( This Mask is Everything ) 😍🤩😍🤩😍

Varuza real natural sheet mask is one of those masks that I am absolutely amazed by because of how well it preformed on my skin. This mask is power packed with phenomenal benefits and you can literally see the results it provides upon the first time using it. My skin was literally glowing after using this sheet mask. It is one of those masks that leaves your skin looking so incredible that you want to skip wearing foundation for a day. I’m telling you guys it is incredible. 

This is a 100% Natural cotton sheet mask and the microcell structure of the mask increases the absorption rate of the ampoule. Helping the ampoule penetrate the skin more efficiently. The sheet mask is produced without chemical purification processes such as adding bleach or fluorescent whitening agent, so that cotton seed are visible in the natural pale beige color of cotton. I mean how cool is that???

This mask comes with a list of benefits for your skin such as......
Recovery of the skin
Barrier repair 
Intense moisture 
Vitality booster 
Minimizing wrinkles & fine lines
Improving firmness 
Brightening skin
Evening skin tone 

This mask comes with some fantastic ingredients as well such as jania rubens, laminaria japonica, fucus vesicuosus, Niacinamide, adenosine, Rosemary, and licorice root extract. 

Jania rubens: Jania rubens is characterized by a concentration of minerals and trace elements 20,000 to 40,000 times greater than that of seawater, thus giving it remineralizing properties. It is also used in skin whitening and hydrating products.

Laminaria japonica: Laminaria japonica extracts are known to be great skin moisturizers and have found extensive use in the skin care industry for the very same reason. It helps provide deep nourishment while removing skin dryness and itchiness when applied topically.

Fucus vesicuosus: Fucus vesiculosus extract is filled with active ingredients, such as radical fighting phlorotannin antioxidants, bioactive polysaccharides, amino acids, vitamins and minerals, the extract fights damaging free radicals and skin aging, reduces inflammation, helps to improve skin elasticity and provides hydration to the skin. 

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  • Marija

    I love using sheet masks. They are so easy to apply and remove. These great ingredients like jania rubens, laminaria japonica, fucus vesicuosus, Niacinamide, adenosine, Rosemary, and licorice root extract would be great for hydrating dry winter skin. I will try this mask. Thanks for sharing. Please follow me back. Also pls check out my posts, like them and comment. 💞 Thanks