VARUZA Centella Asiatica Calming Essence Mist

This calming essence mist from Varuza is fantastic 🙌🏻🙌🏻 not only is it great for calming redness but it also is really good at providing the skin with a nice splash of hydration. This essence mist contains Cica 4 complex and peptides. It is perfect for those who have sensitive skin and helps to relive redness from skin irritation. This mist helps to repair damaged skin and contains no harmful ingredients. The peptide complex helps boost skins collagen & elastin. Peptides will help skin become more firm and hydrated. The cica 4 complex will help with calming skin and the Rosa Damascena will help with boosting skins hydration levels. The packaging is simple and minimalistic and the essence sprays out as a very fine lightweight mist. The essence will immediately absorb into the skin upon contact and leaves skin feeling very hydrated and refreshed. There is no tacky or sticky feeling at all and very minimal fragrance. Really fantastic facial mist and I would certainly recommend this to anyone who has sensitive skin or simply wants a good hydrating facial mist. 


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