Use These Primers for Dewy & Matte Skin! Side-by-Side Comparison

Hi PrismPop! 
In this video, I'll show you two different primers from Touch in Sol called Pretty Filter Glassy Skin Balm and No Poreblem Primer, and I'll also use their All in One Beauty Aid Cream! 
Before using either primer and to test them out using the same method, I applied the All in One Beauty Aid cream as my moisturizer. So basically, after washing my face and using toner, I always use a moisturizer. 
(For the sake of using the same method for each primer, I also used the same foundation which was Pacifica's Alight Clean Foundation in 23NM!) 
Next, for my first primer, I used the Pretty Filter Glassy Skin Balm. This particular primer is thick, creamy, and best for those with dry skin or who prefer a dewy glow. Pretty Filter leaves your skin and foundation with a "glassy" or dewy finish. Since my skin is already oily, I don't necessarily need the extra shine. 
The next primer I used was the No Poreblem Primer. The bottle states that it smooths and covers pores. I immediately felt a difference not only in the texture (this primer was velvety and creamy like a serum) but in the finish! My skin felt and looked less shiny, so I believe this primer is best for those with oily skin like mine and for those who prefer a matte finish. 
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