Urban Decay Summer Solstice All-Nighter Setting Spray Review by Sophia

Hey, Prismpop it's me Sophia! Today I'm trying out this spray called the Summer Solstice Urban Decay All-Nighter Setting Spray. This is supposed to feel weightless and help your makeup look like you just applied it for a whole 16 hours!!! 🙀
✨ I just did my makeup so this should be perfect to try out!
💦 The setting spray makes my face feel dewy and glory
😍 This setting spray goes great over my makeup!
🏝 The smell is a beachy summery magical vibe.
💯 I’ll rate it a 10 out of 10!
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Leave a comment, what’s your favorite setting spray and why? 🤔
💖 Thanks for watching!

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  • Look received 2522160654472548
    Denise Carver

    Love it!

  • User dummy
    Rosa Hall

    Did it feel oily at all? That's my only concern is that in using a setting spray and trying different ones out, I've had several make my face feel oily!

  • Look 490df7e5 8567 461e 95e0 3731ed820092

    Absolutely love this setting spray.

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