Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion In Enigma Review & Swatches

For this first year, the brand released a brand new Primer Potion shade called Enigma which is what I've been using extensively for the last couple of weeks and today I'm ready to share my thoughts with you! :)
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Enigma is a new, limited-edition Eyeshadow Primer Potion shade. It is described as a “neutral matte” but in person there is a bit of cool-toned pink-beige hue in it, too. The product comes housed in a newly-designed packaging, not only is the ombré tube squeezable so you can get every last bit out, it also includes a fancy faceted, jewel-like cap where once opened reveals a slanted flocked wand applicator. Many raise sanitary concern but for me, I always dab the product on the back of my clean hand and pick it up with my ring finger to apply on my lid. I always try not to dab the applicator directly on the lid to prevent contamination over time. Plus, the applicator comes out soaked with product anyway so with my finger, I am able to gauge the amount of product needed for my eyes better.
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Enigma is unscented and has a very, very creamy texture that makes applying and blending on the lids easy. It has opaque coverage that dries really quickly to a non-tacky, true matte finish(without any shimmer). The application provides instant brightening and smoothing effect to the skin, and depending on the amount used, helps conceal redness, discolorations, and veins on the lids at the same time. You can also use it on the under eye area to brighten up the face and smooth out the skin before concealer.
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Performance-wise, it works so well at keeping my eyeshadow vibrant and intact throughout wear! There's no creasing, smearing, or fading even after a 10-hour work day. It makes such a long-lasting, smoothing base for my concealer as well. For those whose eyelids are oily, this is definitely a product worth looking into as it has excellent mattifying effect!
In the picture below, I swatched 4 different Urban Decay Primer Potions side by side so you can see the texture and tone of each.
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Blended and set:
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You can clearly see that the Original and Anti-Aging dry to an invisible finish while Eden and Enigma leave a bit of coverage on the skin.
Next I tested the ability of each formula to intensify the eyeshadow vibrancy. I chose a beautiful Omen shade from the Urban Decay 15th Anniversary Palette for this test. I tried my best to apply the shadow at the same amount and pressure over each primer.
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Enigma clearly performs just as well as the other formulas at amplifying the shadow intensity! Omen looks much more vibrant and appears much smoother on the skin compared with the application without base.
In conclusion, Enigma is a look good feel good product. It helps increase your eyeshadow performance while staying budge-proof. They money that you spend on it also goes to a good cause to help support others. It is a limited-edition item so grab one quickly before it's gone! Now I can't wait for the next The Ultraviolet Edge product. Super excited to see what they have in store for us! :)
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