URBAN DECAY Brow Blade Review

I'm not into Instagram brows...the natural look is far more my thing...all I want is to spruce up what I already have. Watch the video to find out what I really thought after 10 hours of wear! 🎨Shade in Brown Sugar. It’s my perfect shade. 🤑£18/$26 It's pretty pricey especially because I'm used to my NYX and elf brow products. I thought this would be a really nice and natural way to fill my brows. ⭐There's an ink stain brush on one end and a pencil on one end. The ink stain creates a stain on the brows and the pencil just fills them in for a daily basis. ✅I applied it to clean skin so that the stain doesn't shift. I started with really light strokes towards the front of my brow. It looked a lot fuller, but still really natural. If you overdo it and apply to much, the product might bleed, so I applied a little then waited for it to dry before continuing. ⚠️I would advise a light hand when applying the stain. ✅I love the color. It's the perfect shade for my brows. ⚠️I wish it came with a spoolie so I could brush it out. I just went ahead and used my own spoolie. ✅I was already happy with the results of the ink, but I went ahead and applied the pencil. The stain didn't bleed at all even after applying the pencil which is amazing. 🌟I've had a busy day and I've been wearing the Brow Blade by Urban Decay for over 10 hours. It was -3 degrees here today so I've been in and out of the cold into hot rooms which has been a great test for the brow blade. The natural oils came through my skin a few hours after I applied the brow blade and the brow stain didn't budge or smudge or bleed. I've not blotted my skin though and been careful not to rub my brows. 💯I'm super impressed. The hairs I drew on are really crisp and there is no bleeding or fuzziness. It looks really really natural. I am absolutely loving this product and think it is ingenious. Visit the Original Content: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OW9TGOehLyY


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  • Sarah

    This product looks great would love to try one thing though I could not hear you not sure if you had it muted or not but I tried turning my volume all the way up and still nothing thanks for the video and at least I could still read everything!

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