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Unicorn Essence Antioxidant Primer Serum

💕The essence is pretty pink in color and it is filled with fine silver colored micro-shimmers. The shimmers are very tiny and barely noticeable. Thankfully, this pink essence does not cast any pinkish hue on my skin. It has a sweet vanilla fragrance, which is slightly strong and bothersome. It is way too sweet for me and I personally do not enjoy the fragrance. The smell lasts really long.
⭐The consistency of the serum is slightly on a runnier side. It has a thin and lightweight formulation. It is non-greasy and feels super comfortable on the skin. It does not feel heavy on the skin. It does not leave any residue behind. Also, a little amount goes a long way. I roughly take 4-5 drops of it to cover my face properly. So, this bottle is going to last long.
⭐It spreads on the skin easily and sinks into it within a few seconds. It does not cast any oily sheath behind, even after hours of application. This makes it an appropriate choice for people with combination to oily skin types. I’ve been using this product for over a month now and it has become my favorite serum.
I love using it before my makeup as my makeup sets amazingly well. (heart) It is formulated as a 2-in-1 product that can work both as a serum and as a primer. It can be used as a moisturizer as a part of a daily CTM routine or can be used as a primer. As a moisturizer, it provides good hydration and nourishment to my skin without making it greasy. It does not clog my skin pores. It suits my combination skin really well and does not break me out.
⭐I have noticed a significant difference in my skin ever since I have started using this product. It has made my skin properly nourished and glowing. My skin feels really soft and smooth to touch. It has helped to control excess sebum secretion and keeps my skin matte for long. It repairs dull and dry patches of my skin and provides a nice glow.
😍I love using this Farsali essence underneath my foundation as well. It acts as an amazing base and helps to attain a nice flawless finish by taking away all the dryness and flakiness from my skin. Since it is non-greasy, it does not interfere with the matte finish of my foundation and creates a smooth base for foundation application.
⚠️But my skin has large pores and I need a pore filling primer along with it to minimize the size of my skin pores, as this elixir does not contribute to reducing the pore size. Also, it does not really enhance the longevity of my foundation. Overall, I love this product as a moisturizer but it does not really fulfill all the requirements of an ideal primer.
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