Unboxing 📦Restocking Glossier Favs & New Products! 💖

Restock time is a bittersweet time! I want to quickly share with you a few Glossier products that I use regularly, and a few new products that I decided to try. Keep watching/reading if you’re curious about my adorable Glossier haul 👀

Hand Cream ✋NEW
I confess. This packaging got me.....it’s been all over their social media and I simply couldn’t control my curiosity. As someone who has had a hand cream spill in their bag more than 3 times, I’m excited to see if this packaging is the solution. I wash my hands at least 10 times a day, so hand cream is a must nowadays! Full review on this coming….?

🛁Bubblewrap👀 RESTOCK
This is my favorite eye cream to wear under makeup all year round! It is light and moisturizing and sits really well under makeup. I’m sure a lot of us are spending more time in front of screens, so make sure your eyes are moisturized!

💖Lash Slick 💖 RESTOCK (bought in a set with bubblewrap, saves $8!)
My favorite everyday mascara for my baby lashes. It is lengthening and doesn’t feel burdensome the eyes. I have sensitive eyes and this formula is super comfortable and easy to take off. 

✒️Brow Flick ✒️ RESTOCK
This + their boy brow = my favorite natural brow look. It takes practice but once I figured out the right angle and way to use it, it’s super handy. Wears throughout the day and doesn’t cause breakout in my brows, (who else gets brow pimples from brow products….let me know)

🎂Balm Dot Com 🎂 NEW
I’m finally trying their star product! Read some great reviews about this and it is INDEED a unique formula. Doesn’t feel like any of my other lip balms. Excited to see improvements in my lips and cuticles.

🥗Mega Greens Galaxy Mask 🥗 NEW
A rental detoxifying wash-off mud mask. I have major blackhead and t-zone problems so I plan on using this mask regularly to see how it helps with keeping my excess oils in check. Let me know if you’ve used this mask before and if you like it! 

That’s all for this unboxing + super quick review of my restock favs! Thanks for watching and let’s talk Glossier product experiences in the comments! 

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  • Robin Bell

    Wonderful box!!!!

  • Ashley Chiarello

    I’ve never tried glossier but all the products sound amazing! Def will be checking them out for my next beauty haul

  • Rachel Lokos

    My fave is the birthday balm dot com! Has hints of subtle shimmer with the smell of a vanilla cupcake. It’s divine!🥰

  • Diana

    Love the products. I had heard of the Glossier line before but never tried. Apart from that, I really love the opening of the box and the excitement of seeing what's there for the first time. So much fun.

  • Marley

    I've never tried this brand ! Ive heard great things though ! I def want to try it now !

  • Linda Radford

    Unblocking now that's right up my alley u get to check out new item ,try new things too but the best part is getting new stuff & having your man pay for it all because he loves seeing u look super nice & sweet ,yea soft skin & a new face it's Asowen !!!

  • Lonnie Ko

    I would have to say that I am more impressed with "The Organic Skin Company." As a girl who has eczema and overly-sensitive skin, it's very important for me to find makeup and skincare products that my skin won't react badly to or making it flare up causing unnecessary and unwanted redness, dryness, and stinging. I love using plant-based, natural, and/or organic products on my skin to ensure that none of the negative effects I mentioned from above would happen. Besides, ingredients people can actually read and understand would benefit us by knowing exactly what goes into our skin. So, I would shift more towards The Organic Skin Co. if I were to get new makeup items only because they would benefit my skin more from using products with vegan and natural ingredients.

  • Loretta

    nice products i like to try

  • Bobbi

    I really want and or cant wait to try your products

  • Charley

    These sounds like great products. I have yet to try this brand. I would like to try the Bubblewrap for your eye. I'm in front of my computer screen all day. I would also like to try the Mega Greens Galaxy Mask. Sounds like a great mask to help with your problem areas.

  • Zoey

    This is such a great product order! I've been wanting to try their hand cream and the Mega Green Galaxy Mask! i've heard such great things about both of them! I saw the hand cream on their insta page and it was so hard not to buy it! Thanks for sharing how the products apply. Great review!💕

  • Sarah Wennihan

    I've have the opportunity to try a couple of their products. I've loved everything so far. Thanks for the review. Gives me some ideas of new things to try out.

  • Taarryyn🤍

    I have to try out the Brow Flick! It made such nice strokes and looked so effortless. It’s definitely worth the price!

  • Stephanie Grant

    Great review and I would love to try this out especially the eye cream, but they all look great, thanks again for sharing

  • Tessa Gjovik

    Ohhh! And... And.... The bubble wrap?! Call me a newbie! I've never seen anything like that🤷🏻‍♀️

  • Monica Moyses

    This is a new brand for me! Ill be on the lookout for a good deal on these products

  • Ann Thomas

    Never saw the brand before, thanks for sharing!

  • Micheala

    I could really use this thanks for the review

  • Tia kitchens

    I have never tried glossier. I have heard a lot of mixed reviews but I am willing to try it out.

  • Kaitlin white

    I don’t think I’ve tried their products but I’m definitely interested. Thank you for your feedback!!

  • Brooke Wallace

    I love the eye products. I am always looking for good mascara and I love how pretty the packaging is, it makes it exciting and fun to receive in the mail.

  • Crystal merritt

    Good video. I would have liked to see products in use a bit more. I'm just learning about some brands so your written is more helpful. But your beautiful! Keep it up.

  • Kelly K

    Great video! I love Glossier! I could seriously use everything I'm that box. I was excited just watching you open up your goodies. I'm anxious to try more of Glossier's products. I received a sample of the priming moisturizing rich cream in an Ipsy bag and fell in love!! I immediately ordered a full size. Two days later I received my cream with a cute sticker and a sample of their serum. Would love to try some of their other products. I've had my eye on that bubble wrap stuff for a little while now and I could also benefit from the lady stick. I'm probably going to have to put in another order! Thanks again for the video!

  • Y-D-O-J

    OMG, I could use every product that is in that box!!! Love to try the eyebrow pen for sure! I am excited to show how I can write a review after trying products it is so fun!!!🤗🤗🤗❤️❤️❤️❤️