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Unboxing My SO(U)L--Sneak Peeks of Touch in Sol Skincare!

Skincare is something that I truly believe everyone should be investing in. A good primer, a great exfoliant--a little TLC can boost the ego and make you feel ten times better about yourself. After all, we all live in this one skin, so why not have it glowing & radiant?
As a makeup lover and someone who self proclaims herself a makeup artist (haha) I take pride in applying my serums and layering my moisturizers. My face is my canvas and I need to put in the prepwork to make sure I look flawless each and every single time. But I do understand that the constant "routine" of things can dull down and be quite...boring! How many scrubs can you scrub before you scrub a scrub...scrub?! lol I am sure you've asked yourself that question a few times, have you not? hahaa
Touch in Sol is probably one of the most exciting, unique (and dare I say, beautiful?) Skincare Brands I have ever graced my eyes with. Creams that can make your skin shine like glass to serums that basically erase the pores right off your face like pencil marks on paper--these skincare products are fun as well as being very practical. If you had a boring routine before, I definitely would look into changing some of your old granny scrubs for something by Touch in Sol!
In this post, I want to show you some of the products I got in my latest tester bag. I will go into further detail in later posts about each and every last one of them but for now--let's just take a quick little glimpse and see what we are working with here.

ALL IN 1 BEAUTY AID CREAM"This ultra-moisturizing cream is designed to nourish skin with proven, hydrating ingredients. Imparts a triple-barrier moisture shield which enhances firmness and elasticity, and keeps skin feeling and looking healthy."
"Natural botanicals (including Olive, Walnut & Hazel) super-charge moisturization, and anti-oxidant protection, help tone and refine."
"For all skin types, especially beneficial for dry and/or sensitive skin."

"Black Charcoal Gel Mild Scrub is a gentle exfoliatig scrub that cleanses the surface of the skin, eliminating dead skin cells and leaving smooth, luminous skin."
Charcoal is so good for the skin. It detoxifies, pulls out toxins straight from the pore source and overall helps your complexion.

No Poreblem Prime Essence
"Designed to provide an extra boost of hydration, Prime Essence is for anyone looking to take their skincare or makeup routine to the next level. Enhanced with Calendula flower extracts to minimize pores and smooth skin texture, leaving you with flawless, dewy skin. Use it on its own to brighten and moisturize skin, or pair it with the No Poreblem Primer to create the perfect blank canvas for your next killer look. Made with clean ingredients and packaged in a travel-sized tube, this essence is perfect for all savvy sol babes on the go."
"Relax, Hydrate & Refresh. Smooth skin for perfect makeup."

NO POREBLEM PRIMER"Big pores, wrinkles, and uneven texture - no poreblem! This lightweight formula provides seamless coverage to smooth skin and leaves it flawless and glowing, whether you’re heading to the grocery store or the red carpet. Green tea extracts protect and energize skin, while infused collagen helps maintain moisture to give that perfect, dewy glow." 
"Apply an even coat to your face after moisturizing and before applying makeup to create the perfect canvas for color enhancing, long-lasting makeup wear."

"An ultra-hydrating priming skin balm with a sensationally smooth texture that melts into your skin and creates the ultimate glow that lasts throughout the day."
"Moisturizing + Primer + Glow effect: A balm-type moisturizing primer that refines the texture of the skin and delivers supreme hydration."
"Brightening: Formulated with a highly refractive oil that brightens skin. Skin-nourishing formula for healthy skin: Phytosqualane, 5 types of hyaluronic acid, and damask rose water helps keep skin hydrated and soothes skin ready for makeup."

As you can see, the consistency of most of these products are rather thick. Even the essence is pretty thick, for a liquid. The Black Gel Mask actually has a bit of grit to it. The Glass Skin Balm has a sort of blue tinted glow compared to The Beauty Aid Cream. 
I also went ahead and applied the products to the back of my hand. The essence literally just glided right off, hence the empty wetness. (haha) But I love love loved the way they felt on my skin. I can't wait to use them on my actual face!

All in all, I am so excited to test and use these products from Touch in Sol. I have quite the reviews for you coming up, going into detail with my experience along the way. I am not even going to lie, as soon as I got my package (which was a few days ago) I started using my products religiously.  A few of them definitely need to be used on a more "routine" basis, in order to form a more perfect review. I got an opinion and I ain't afraid to use it! haha So, I do hope you follow me along this journey. Feel free to follow, like and rate my review helpful. <3

Hannah Marie

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