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Hey Diva! Welcome back to another video! Today, I am trying out the NEW Jeffree Star Cosmetics Magic Concealer and Setting powder! You guys know I love JSC so I HAD to get this video up for you divas! Thank you so much for watching and I can’t wait to see you again later this week!

🎨 I picked up three shades of concealer, C4 for my skin tone C0 for highlight (white shade) C22 for contour

🎁 The box is pink and has holographic detailing. The concealer is really pretty, but quite sharp so watch out. It doesn't have a fragrance

✅ I started with the C22 on under my cheekbones and along my jaw line. The color is really pretty and adds a nice bronziness. I tried with a brush at first, then the beauty blender since my brush had some excess foundation.

⭐ It doesn't show as much as I would like, but once my skin loses some tan, I'd think it'd be perfect.

✅ I used the C0 to create an extreme highlight under my eyes. I'm using a mini beauty blender to blend it out. It's not as pigmented/full coverage as I thought it would be, but once I applied the skintone concealer, it looked really good.

⭐ It's not as full coverage as Tarte Shape Tape, but it is more moisturizing, which I think I prefer anyways.

👍 I really love the concealer. It hides my pores perfectly and gives me a smooth finish. I think the shade range is amazing as well.

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