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Type A Aluminum Free Deodorant - The Visionary

Type: A Aluminum Free Deodorant "The Visionary Clean Crisp Citron"

This is my review and my honest opinion on this product!🥰

Packaging: I love the cute, sleek design of this packaging! It makes having a deodorant fun! You can set it up on your vanity because it has such a unique look! I love the white and lime green colors! Also I love that this is a squeeze deodorant and it is a cream form!

Scent: The smell of this deodorant is so pleasant! It has a lemony 🍋 scent! I really enjoy it and it leaves you smelling fresh all day! I love how it does not upset your ph balance and leave you smelling worse by wearing it as some scented products do.

Ease Of Use: The deodorant is easy to use, literally just  twist off the cap and squeeze! You can then roll it on under your arms! It's creamy formula is easily applied and does not leave a mess!

Price: I think the cost of this product is fair for a great working deodorant! I know I never before would of paid over $5 for a deodorant. However, this one last a long time and it is effective so I don't mind the $9.99 price point. 💰 

Effectiveness: This product was extremely effect for me! The sweat activated technology definitely worked and kept me drier longer! I did not get "musty" and I use it everyday! Regardless if I got anything strenuous to do or if I'm just home hanging out! I definitely give This deodorant a 10/10 and it's a must have for me!

Overall Impression:  I am pleased with this product and if you are looking for a great deodorant, for any occasion this one is great! If you work out this one is definitely a winner for you too! I think this is a great product and there are different scents to choose from! I love the 🍋 scent that I smell in this one and it has a clean fresh vibe to it! 

What is your go to deodorant? 
Have you tried Type: A deodorant yet?

Thank you for reading my review! 
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  • kavaiya

    This is a great deodorant

  • Sabrina

    Great review! Was this PrismPop? The one I got was linen, and it smelled nice too but I really appreciate this review. I was wondering how this scent was and I think I'd like it. Glad you liked it. Thank you for sharing. 💜