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Turns Out Huda Beauty Liquid Matte Is Worth The Hype!

When Huda Kattan announced she would launch "the best liquid lipstick formula ever!", I was excited and at the same time skeptical. Watching her hype the liquid lipsticks up on Snapchat just made me think it wouldn't be that great, and everyone would just purchase for the hype and the name. But boy, was I wrong!
📦Packaging - The bottles are frosted glass and can be laid flat since they are rectangular and not cylindrical.
💋Formula - Man, these are LUSH! These feel very soft on the lips. They're not one bit drying. They actually feel like lip balm on the lips, much like OFRA. The liquid lipstick goes on very smooth. It's very easy to spread on to the lips.Here's the sole difference between Ofra's formula and Huda's formula - Huda's dries down completely! What sorcery is this?! For a soft, creamy, moisturizing liquid lipstick formula to dry down completely is truly a miracle.
⭐Applicator -  I love the thin, long-handled wands. They make application so easy and precise!
🎨Color - The shades I purchased are Spice Girl, Icon, Trophy Wife, Cheerleader, Heartbreaker, and Vixen. I was hoping for more mauve and nude shades for medium to dark skin tones, but oh well.
🎨Color Pay-off - I got full opacity in one coat, but if I needed to "fix" certain areas by going over them, it wasn't a problem. The formula did not flake if reapplied on certain parts.
(Here I swatched them on my lips and on my arms along with my two lip contours)
👃Scent - These liquid lipsticks smell like chocolate, and I love that they do, because it makes applying them all the more enjoyable!
⏰Wear - The liquid lipstick lasted a pretty long time on my lips, and did not flake, crack, or budge. It felt comfortable the entire time I was wearing it. It was easy to remove with oil.
😊Transfer - When I used these alone, they were completely transfer-proof, but when I applied a bit of Farsali Rose Gold Elixir underneath, there was some transfer, even though I had let the oil set.
This is definitely my new favourite formula, and has replaced Ofra liquid lipsticks in my number one spot. These are well worth the price, and are all round amazing. Highly recommended.
Original Content: http://lipflation.blogspot.com/2016/10/huda-beauty-liquid-matte-review.html

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