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Tunas unicorn glow hologram mask review pt.1

Hey everyone! The Tuna is back! Mom let me do a review on the *SOO'AE UNICORN GLOW HOLOGRAM MASK, I also did a video for this that is coming soon. Thank you for viewing!

πŸ¦„unique double sided hologram sherry infused with purifying charcoal that assists the niacinamide and collagen formula to give your skin a brighter and firmer look

πŸ“1-clean your skin thoroughly and apply toner or serum 2-place the black side down on skin and adjust to fit comfortably around the eyes and the rest of the face 3-leave on for 15-20 minutes then remove mask.4-take the remaining essence and pat into need to rinse

🚫Dont use of you have damaged or broken skin

πŸ’΅My mom Paid $2.50 for this mask at Wal-Mart

🐟 I really like this mask it was really fun and really juicy feeling. I felt purified and my skin looked noticeably brighter. And softer. I thought that the hologram effect was pretty but I felt like a robot πŸ€– not a unicorn lol I will get my mom to buy again plus she wants to try it too

Thank you for viewing, I keep bugging mom to let me have my own account but no. But hopefully I can still post on hers lol ok bye everyone! See you next time!

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