Trying the e.l.f Detoxifying Bubble Mask

I recently purchased the e.l.f Detoxifying Bubble Mask because I love sheet masks and haven't tried one of these yet. This mask claims to detox your skin for a clear complexion. They are listed for $4 for on the e.l.f website, but I was able to get them during a sale for $2.50. If you haven't tried e.l.f yet I highly recommend, the price of their products are low because they don't go crazy with the packaging. 

This mask is infused with charcoal to help draw out dirt and impurities for a restored complexion. 

The directions say to remove mask and apply to clean dry skin. Leave on for 10-15 minutes until bubbles dissipate. Remove mask and massage face with fingertips and remove with warm water. 

I was in my bedroom when I applied the mask and quickly moved to the bathroom. One bad thing about this mask is that it gets messy. As soon as I opened up the package, the bubbles started forming and my hands were covered when I was finished applying it. It has a soapy feel to it and I was afraid the bubbles were going to get into my eyes 😨

The mask is great for relaxing because you can hear the bubbles making small popping noises and it is somehow soothing. You can feel the mask warm up a little and the bubbles tickle your face occasionally.  There were a lot more bubbles than I expected!!😂⏺️⏺️

After you remove the mask you massage the remaining bubbles into your skin then rinse off the rest with warm water. The mask feels very soft and moisturizing but after I washed it off my skin looked clean and clear like I had just washed it but also very dry. I like this mask but I think I need to stick to the moisturizing masks with my dry skin. 



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