Trying out Urban Decay’s All Nighter Primer

I’ve been using this primer for a few weeks. The packaging is quite nice and I’m a fan of the pump. I like the texture... it’s lightweight and applies as easily as a moisturizer would. I use my finger to spread it over my face. I’ve had no issues with a tacky or sticky feeling. My makeup applies nice and smooth over the top. I feel like I get a more “finished and flawless” look when I use a primer. I had no issues with redness, irritation, or breakouts while using. I’m not sure the price would justify a repurchase for me personally. While this product was quite good, it wasn’t my Holy Grail primer. I received this product for free in exchange for my honest review. My opinions are my own. My results may differ greatly from yours. Overall, I’d still recommend this product. It worked and didn’t cause any skin issues.  On Ulta, I gave this 3 stars... but the more I used it and thought about it compared to other similar products, the more satisfied I felt. I still would prefer more natural ingredients or some multi-tasking skin care benefits if I am going to spend this much on an item.

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  • Melissa Griffith

    I have pretty much the same opinion about this primer as you. I agree that with Urban Decay's price point, there should be some kind of skin beneficial ingredients in the product.

  • Cristy

    It is a favorite primer of mine. It goes on smooth and doesn't feel heavy at all. It absorbs promptly, has a nice feel to it & does the job a primer needs to do - it sets the skin for makeup perfectly. What more could you ask for? 😁😁😁😁

  • Sabrina

    Off topic, but what a beautiful beaded bracelet!


    I really wanna try this so bad, thank you for posting

  • sally peabody

    Wonderful review ! I never use a primer and use foundation less and less. I I have gotten older it tends to make my lines and wrinkles more noticeable so I stick with a bronzing powder and good skincare. This is a great review. Thank you

  • Sarah

    I have been wanting this since I heard it was out!! I am definitely going to get this. Thanks for the post!!