Trying *Olay Mist for the first time

*Olay Mist -Ultimate Hydration Essence- calming Aloe leaf 🍃 and Chamomile extract (facial hydration)
Hey everyone, it's me! ,Nicole! I just wanted to give you all a little demmo of this amazing Olay calming facial spray. I hope you seriously give it a try, because it is GOLD. 
📉About the brand: 
Olay has been on the grind for 60 years now, giving woman the tools and the confidence we need to get out there and get the job done. Chances are you have heard of, or have used an Olay product at least once. They are the beauty giants of our time!

🔬About the product: 
This sweet little bottle of facial mist hydrates your face with Aloe and chamomile and replenishes that dry, tight skin. While refreshing your makeup, it will leave your skin with a visibly healthy glow. It really is A1
So darn easy! Apply before moisturizer,following makeup application, or for anytime your beautiful face needs to just de-stress! I'ts exhausting being on the go,go,go ,so just pop the cap and hold the bottle 5-10 inches from your face and give that beautiful face a nice, cool,calming mist! You deserve it!
🎁About the package:  
3.3 FL OZ, sleek and elegant spray bottle, no problem fitting in the purse. 👛

💵Price of product: $10.99👍👀
💭My final thought: 
All I can really say is, I WISH I FOUND THIS SOONER! The smell and feel of the mist as it hit my face just completely sold me. It really gave my face comfort and my skin finally got some much needed relief. Thank you Olay for being there.AMEN
Thank you for taking a look. I hope you enjoyed, and if you did don't forget to Follow me so you don't miss out on any future posts by yours truely.
- Nicole

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