Trying Milk Makeup for Quick Every Day Glam

I’ve always loved the Milk Makeup Matte Bronzer, so I decided to give the rest of the line a try! Here are my first impressions of the products I purchased for a quick every-day look.

☀️Sunshine Skin Tint – Sand: I was super intrigued by the innovative roller-ball packaging, which is made of “antimicrobial silver” according to the website. It took me quite a few clicks to get the product out, but the roller-ball dispensed the sheer and dewy foundation very nicely. Super easy to blend, I really like it.
🌇Matte Bronzer – Baked: This has been in my go-to cream bronzer for while. I just lightly sweep it on, and use a small face brush to blend it out. It doesn’t take a lot of effort to blend this creamy bronzer out, and the matte finish keeps it in place. Very goof-proof.
✨Highlight – Lit: I swipe in this chubby highlighting stick straight onto the skin and blend it out with my fingers. It leaves a nice champagne pearlescent glow behind.
🌙Tattoo Stamp – Moon: This is basically eyeliner in a stamp and in fun shapes! Make sure you LIGHTLY TAP the stamp on to your skin and don’t wiggle, that’s all the pressure you need.  

😆This turned out to be a great natural makeup routine! I may not wear the tattoo stamp every day but I’ll definitely be getting ready in the morning with the rest of these easy-to-use products.


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