Travel Friendly Biodegradable Cleansing Pads ( Beautree)

These exfoliating cleansing pads from Beautree are pretty good to say the least. I had a amazing experience using them and was rather amazed at all the fantastic ingredients these pads contained. I am a person who really gravitates towards skincare products that contain a great list of ingredients in them and these pads immediately sucked me into their fantastic cleansing vortex lol. The packaging is pretty simple and fairly minimal which I like. A straight to the point type of brand. The pads themselves are a pretty decent round size and actually contain a pocket to slip your fingers into making the pads easier to hold while cleansing. The pads are biodegradable and build up a fairly decent lather when water is applied. The exfoliation is quite gentle in my opinion. I didn’t have any irritation or redness after using the cleansing pad. I will state that my skin did feel a tad bit stripped so I wouldn’t recommend using these pads daily especially if you have dry skin. But overall they did a fantastic job of cleansing my skin. 

These pads are intended to help cleanse, exfoliate, moisturize, brighten, and soothe skin. The container comes with 30 dry pads and is water activated. I personally feel like these pads would be perfect for travel and would work fantastic as a quick go to for cleansing my skin. I have actually been taking them with me everywhere I go and cleansing my skin throughout the day to prevent my skin from further breakouts. It is a fairly hot and sweaty environment right now and sometimes it causes my skin to build up a lot of oils. It’s fair to say these pads have been helping my skin tremendously with minimizing breakouts. Some of the key ingredients in these pads are Blueberry, Oatmeal, and moringa. I recommend giving them a try they are definitely an interesting find. 

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