Touch In Sol Prismpop Testers Bag! Visuals + Reviews

Hi guys, 

so here is a quick short video of all the products I used. 

Step 1: Mission Complete Mild Scrub 

Review: I applied it all over my dry and cleansed face. It forms into small beads that easily remove any dust or debris on the skin. It deeply cleanses right after a single use. It gave me that "wow" factor so it's effective. It's also quick to rinse out. It has a light gel like texture, but more towards a liquid form. It has a moderate citrusy scent to it. I noticed that the citrusy scent remains on my skin even after rinsing out the product. The packaging is lovely. This black gel mask is super gentle on my skin unlike any other similar products that I used before. It gave my skin a cooling sensation. It shows in the picture as black, but it's actually dark grey in color. Recommended usage: 1-2 times per week. 



Step 2: No Poreblem Prime Essence 

Review: I thought this was supposed to be a last step of the skincate routine as indicated on the packaging. But since I use toners, serums before applying and creams or moisturizers, etc, I decided to use this as a second step. I also used it as a last step in my skincare routine (another day) and the results were similar. The tube comes with a very unique and innovative applicator. Be cautious though, as soon as you open the packaging, if the tube is upside down, the essence will start dropping out of it automatically. It happened to me once. So I applied this all over my face. Then I gentle dabbed till aborsbed. It was absorbed quickly and easily. It was effective for my skin as I did notice that it reduced the pore size. It's a translucent slightly thick form of liquid. I thought the packaging is super cute, especially the applicator and the cover. It had a light and clean perfume sort of scent to it. It contains flower extract, thus the scent. 

Step 3: All-In-One Beauty Aid Cream 

I used this cream as the third step, after the essence. The application for this is easy. Just apply a very small amount all over morning and night, as needed. I noticed that a little bit goes a long way. If you use more than necessary, then it can feel sticky. It's white and the texture of this product is obviously creamy. It had a moderate amount of ginger like scent to it. I did like the scent because it makes me feel like the product contains natural ingredients and that it's safe to use. The tube is absolutely lovely and one that I think that would be memorable. It definitely catches my attention. This cream is super useful before makeup application because it can help makeup stay in place. It was effective for me because it lightly hydrated my skin. It also made my skin look and feel soft and smooth. I love the inclusion of science even within the packaging, love that chemical formula. 

Step 4: No Poreblem Primer

As you can see in the video, I applied this primer only under my eyes and on the laugh lines. As per the pacakging, this product should be used to conceal spots on the skin. I was actually quite surprised. For one, when I lightly applied it under my eyes, I noticed right away after application that the under eyes area was lighter. Same for when I woke up the next morning. Here is the best part; now this primer doesn't entirely do the work of a true concealer, since it conceals at a great length and concealer may be required to finish it off, but shockingly, it lifted my eyes/under eye area that normally eye serums are used for. I didn't know that this primer could be this amazing! I didn't know that it would conceal and even lift my eyes. I have used primers before but they haven't worked for me like this beautiful primer did. So application is easy, it quickly and easily gets absorbed into the skin. The texture is creamy, it is light pink. The packaging is super cute. It makes me want to just eat it! It has a flowery scent to it. It is effective as mentioned before. I applied it on my cheeks a different day and it did reduce my pore size a little bit. Only use a light amount, otherwise it can get sticky like with the All-In-One Beauty Aid Cream. 

Step 5: Pretty Filter Glassy Skin Balm 

I applied this skin balm at the very end, but only one layer. I noticed that one single layer gave me a desired dewy look. But one can apply it 2 or 3 times for a longer lasting wear. For me, it lasted me all day long. So a single layer was quite effective for me. The packaging instructions state to use it as the last step in the skincare routine, but I believe that it can be used in other steps. The packaging is very flashy and colorful. However, I was expecting the whole package to contain the balm, I did notice that the cover was big. Having said that, there is plenty of balm in that container. It's white with a creamy texture to it. It has a typical Korean cream scent to it. I have attached an image of the dewy look,...... it was too sunny to open my eyes properly. Heh

This dewy look is by one single layer of Pretty Filter Glassy Skin Balm



What an amazing combination of products this Tester Bag contained! It had different products for different purposes and all were unqiue and innovative. I would definitely recommend this whole package to everyone. Can't wait to explore more from this brand. Thank you so much! 

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  • Sarah Wennihan

    Absolutely loved this tester!! Not a big makeup person, so the skincare items were my favorite. I actually used mission complete and the beauty aid cream tonight. Thanks for the awesome review!

  • Robin Bell

    I wish I had gotten my hands on this tester bag because everything looks wonderful

  • Tonilynn Rosario

    wow great products you got to review. I love the look after you used all these products. I loved your visual photos also.

  • Jennifer Henning

    Great review on these products

  • Marlena Fannin

    Great review and video! You described every product so well. It makes me want the whole kit. I know I need the No Poreblem Primer for sure. Thanks for the review Naf! 🙂


    This is such a great video, Naf! Your first one turned out awesome!

  • Tina Brehm

    Great video and review! Im too nervous to do video because i have no idea how to edit and how you did it to music was very cool but not a clue how to do that. Im fairly new to social media and internet lol and my 5 and 9 yr old granddaughters help me with fb and ig! I just need to watch a few more youtube videos on how to do these things. Ok back to your review, it was great. I really enjoyed the video and how you showed each product and then your written review for more info. I look forward to seeing more of your posts 💙

  • Pauline

    Good to see these posted pictures that bring out the product from the pretty backgrounds taken. Also nice to see someone with good skin and not broken down acne skin. Great reviews and video. Thanks for doing this for us.

  • Barbie Steele

    Nice video and great reviews and pics!

  • Maggie

    Yay great review, Naf!!! Tip for video - you only have to film the action moments so just focus on doing those real cute ✨ getting closer and more light is always helpful too!! (try to get rid of shadows - overhead lights are so rude to us lol) BTW you are gorgeous girl! 💕