Touch in Sol Mission Complete

This Mission Complete gel mask comes in a 4.05 fl.oz. pretty blue matte plastic bottle with squeeze cap. Another vanity worthy item! The gel mask has a black color with like a hint of blue to it. The consistency of this gel is not super thick and it's not runny either. But the gel does not move as you can see in the video. The scent is light like lemons and minty I would say. Nothing too harsh for you. It's actually pleasant.

Cleaning the surface of your skin like an eraser with the power of black charcoal powder peeling gel. This mask will definitely leave your skin smooth and luminous for a beautiful natural skin day. Wiping out all the dead skin to help all skin types.

Sueeze a generous amount in your hands and rub onto your dry face. Remember, you want dry skin to make sure your exfoliating all the dirt and oils. Massage gently for however long you please.. no rush! And rinse with warm water. You can use this mask twice a week in your skincare routine. Yes! Twice which means do not over cleans your skin ladies. This mask is effective enough for even once for me. 

My experience with this black gel mask has been a "a-peeling" I like cleansers that has charcoal in them to do twice the work. with my oily skin it gets all the impurities out. The scent is nice and non effective for me. My skin feels calm and able to breathe. It's great for my routine because you can only use twice a week. So this is super in my books. Is it a Mission Complete?.....YES😊


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