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Touch in Sol Makeup Collections, Swatches, and DEALS! TL;DR Beauty

Hello friends and welcome to another TL;DR Beauty! You may know the famous primers from this brand but today we’re exploring the OTHER Touch in Sol products - products not in the PrismPop Tester Bag!
I hope this guide helps you see what other cool makeup this K-Beauty Brand has to offer. And hey, lucky us - Touch in Sol US is having a sale right now! Ahem… right now, Wednesday July 24th 2020. If you're reading this in the future, sorry & catch them on the next one! 💕
Here we go…
Touch in Sol has two main collections (if you don't count the famous “No Poreblem” primers.) The Collections are “Pretty Filter” for more natural, everyday looks and “Metallist,” for a higher color payoff on those bold, bright, glittery days.
First up is Pretty Filter!

- Soul Velvet Lipstick - $16 - comes in 6 shades; Havana Red, Melrose Pink Gili Coral, Melbourne Pink, Portland Brick, & Seoul Rose.
- Brow Expert Bar - $18, a 2-in-1 pencil and brow gel, this comes in only 2 shade; light brown and brownie brown.
- Perfect Finish Foundation - $26 - this is a full-coverage, matte liquid foundation which comes in 5 shades.
- Mattish Liquid Eyeshadow - $16 - like Glossier’s Skywash, this is a barely-there eyeshadow that comes in 3 pink hues and one bright neon green.

- Metallist Dual Liquid Glitter - $9 on sale down from $18! 50% off! This is a liquid glitter that gives an iridescent sheen as eyeshadow or eyeliner.
- Metallist Magnum Glitter Shot - $8 on sale down from $16! This one has larger glitter crystals and packs a more intense punch.
- Metallist Liquid Glitter Topper - $25 - a 3-pack of complimentary colors to top off any eyeshadow look with glitter and glam.
- Metallist Liquid Foil & Glitter Shadow Duo - $25 - half foil, half glitter, the two different formulas in this product should give your look a unique metallic finish.
- Metallist Sparkling Foiled Pigment - $18 - 7 shades of individual pressed pigment happiness!
- Not Shown: Metallist Galaxy Setting Spray - $26 - a glowy/dewy finishing spray that claims to skip the oiliness!
- Metallist High Shine Bouncy Cream Shadow Palette - $21 on sale down from $42! Had to mention this first to keep with the Metallist theme. 🎸
The next two are basically sister palettes; two sides of the same shades.
- Pink Parade (left) - $22 - for lush, neutral looks
- Fill Up Orange (right) - $22 - for  coppery, burnt tones.

MORE MAKEUP!!! (Slide 5)
So maybe these aren't a collection per se - but Touch in Sol has got plenty of exciting everyday and not-so-everyday makeup must-haves I just had to share...
- Advanced Real Moisture Liquid Foundation - $26, but only 2 shades available on the site?? 🤔 must be a restock coming…
-  Style Black Gel-Liner with Diamond - $8.50 on sale down from $17! This comes in 6 colors with sparkle & shine.
- Style Sepia French Garden Gel-Liner with Diamonds - $8.50 on sale down from $17! This must be a spin-off of the other gel liners (or vice versa) because they seem quite similar except for the packaging.
- Non-Stop Swift Black Liner - $11 -  a reasonably priced staple, black liquid liner. How can you go wrong?
- Stretchex Stretch Lash Effect Mascara - $22 - in the black and grey packaging, this mascara gives a naturally lengthening look to lashes.
- Paper Pusher Stretch Fiber Lengthening Mascara - $22 - designed with lightweight Korean paper fibers, this mascara formula is more for that false lash effect. Go big or go home.

I love seeing how the different products from the same brand compare to each other. It helps me figure out which results I’m going for.
So what about you? Are you more of a Pretty Filter or a Metallist kinda person? Stretchex or Paper Pusher Mascara? And what about all those options for glitter?!?! 🤩
Let me know what you think of this collection, what you’d wanna try or what kinda makeup you like! Let’s chat and be friends! 🥰
Thanks for reading and hope you have a great day/night!

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