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Touch in Sol for supple, healthy skin

First and foremost. These products are far superior to any skin care product I have tried. I am officially hooked. I will get down to business to let you know about my experience with each product.

❤ All in 1 BEAUTY AID Cream Sensational. Has an herb like smell and makes skin plump, but in a good way! I like wearing this under powder foundation. I did a lot of testing with these products and found that this one provides a great base. 

❤MISSION COMPLETE Mild Scrub & Peeling Black Gel Mask. I was a little confused about this one because of the word "peeling." I thought it would be like my charcoal mask.  It isn't. It is more like an exfoliator and meant to be used on CLEAN skin. I will tell you guys. I was disappointed when I saw it, but then once I used it, I was so impressed. My pores looked so much better. It is grainy and does a fantastic job scrubbing. Make sure to moisturize afterward. I like moisturizing with the all in 1 cream and I do it before I go to bed. 

❤NO PORE PLEM Prime Essence. As you can see by the picture, it didn't look like anything was on my hand. That is because it is kind of like a gel-serum. It is really nice. It says to use as the last step in skin care. I actually like to mix a little with the All in 1 cream after I use the Mission Complete

❤Glassy Pretty Filter. Ok now this stuff is AMAZING. HOLY COW GUYS. my skin feels LUXURIOUS when I use this. Let me tell you guys. I will be a forever customer with this stuff. Your skin will legit feel like silk but even silkier. You don't even need primer with this. 

❤No PORE BLEM Primer ABSOLUTELY fantastic! This will forever take the place of my other primer. I won't use the brand name for a review on another brand but it's pretty popular. Well this stuff is leaps and bounds superior. My foundation went on like butter. Just like every other primer I've used, it works better for liquid foundation than powder. 

Well there you have it. I know I am loving every one of these products and it shows. I am so excited to discover these new products and share with you my experience. 

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