Touch in Sol for one month! Results ✨

I included Touch in Sol products in my skincare routine for one month and here are the results:


<< Overall, my skin is visibly less red in sensitive areas and tightened/brightened. I used the Mission Complete Mild Scrub 2 times a week.








I love how gentle this scrub is. It's exfoliating yet not too harsh on the skin. The main ingredient in this cleanser is charcoal, which effectively cleanses the skin, unclogs pores, and dead skin cells. Dirt, toxins, heavy metals, chemicals, and other poisons are attracted to the charcoal molecules and washed away. This is honestly a product that I will continue to use and include in my skincare routine. It leaves your skin smooth and luminous after. (tip: using this after a hot bath will be even more effective!)

After cleaning my face, making it a blank canvas, I use the No Poreblem Prime Essence after mainly around my nose and cheek areas. As you can see the consistency is more oily, but it's not as oily/thick as your normal oils. It's quite light, I use about two drops. The formula is enhanced with calendula flower extract to minimize pores and smooth skin textures.

I then pat the other areas of my face with Glassy Skin Balm. It's jelly/cream-like and nourishes and moisturizes the skin. I love the way it melts into my face. 

Below is a before and after of some of my problem areas. I get a few small red pimples here and there due to clogged pores, and redness from dryness. You can see the difference before and after:

Plus, if I feel like my face needs another layer of cream for a boost of moisture, I use the All-in-One Beauty Aid Cream. It contains natural botanicals (including Olive & Walnut & Hazel) which helps tone and refine the skin. I included another closeup of before and after of my forehead (another problem area), you can also see that it cleared up!

Lastly, I'm so glad I got to test the primer from touch in sol, because I never realized I needed a primer in my makeup routine until No Poreblem Primer. The consistency of the primer is smoothing and matte, you can feel it providing seamless coverage as you massage it onto your face like you would a lotion. It provides a great base for longlasting makeup :)

Hope you guys find this review to be helpful. I actually really enjoyed this one month challenge, because it actually taught me to take better care of my skin - enhanced my skincare routine!

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  • Crissy Anderson

    Thanks for such sharing! These products looks awesome and they definitely worked for you! Your skin looks awesome! And your review was so detailed!! I suffer from redness and I'm always on the hunt for products that help with that but I also have sensitive skin so I have to be careful. I'm so happy that these products worked for you!!

  • Caer

    These products look amazing, and your review was not only well worded but you could actual it read your excitement in every word! Thank you for the amazing read. I world love to try all of these products

  • Shannon citrino

    The glassy balm looks like something I'd love! I've only used a bronzer from Touch in Soul before, I have heard that their products are really nice

  • Sarah Wennihan

    I love that you tested these items for so long. I'm not as much into makeup, but I'm a skincare junkie. The glassy balm wasn't for me but the mission complete and the beauty aid cream have been used consistently since I received them (including tonight). Seriously thank you for taking the time or do such a lengthy and thorough testing/review.

  • Amy Hewitt

    Beautiful review and results 🔥

  • Samantha K

    I love the touch in sol primer. Your skin looks great!

  • Erin Taranto

    These products truly are wonderful. My skin looks so much better now after using the Beauty Aid cream and Priming Essence especially!!!! Amazing results!

  • Robin Bell

    So jealous I need to try out everything in this bag

  • Shelby Rodenberg

    Wow such a noticeable difference!

  • Trisha

    I got a jar of the "touch in sol glassy skin balm" in one of my makeup subscription boxes. It was either boxycharm or birchbox. I can't remember which one?! I like it but I don't like it if that makes sense?! LOL..... I felt that it made my face feel too greasy & when I went to put on my eyeliner or do my brows it caused the makeup product to smear & slide around as I was applying it. I'm just curious if anybody else has this problem when using this skin cream right before you do your makeup?

  • Andrea

    I love to see before and after results

  • Christine Czaiczynski

    Great review and I will have to these products out because I a small touch of rosacea and if it helps I will use it for sure.

  • Stefany Scaggs

    You are beautiful and have such beautiful flawless skin. This is what I need if it helps redness because I have redness from acne and roseca I think this would help me a lot. Thank you for sharing. If anyone has any tips of how to cover and treat acne scars please let me know. Thanks all. We are all beautiful no matter what skin problems we may be fighting.!!

  • charlotte sanfilippo

    thank you for all these reviews! I also never used a primer,but my daughters keep telling me too,now I am really convinced,so thanks

  • Michelle Vogt

    I never used a primer before but after you pointed out the benefits, I’m ready to try for myself. Thank you

  • Katie

    Love how detailed you made this. Those products really did wonders for you!!! Touch In Sol is a great brand.

  • katherine wu

    I really want to try these products! I'm pretty easily influenced - I can name quite a few products that I've seen online and then bought. One of these is a resurfacing compound serum from U Beauty, I still love it so much and use it regularly!

  • Kelly K

    I absolutely love this stuff! My skin has seriously never looked better! I get compliments everyday about how great my skin looks now! I'm a customer for life! Anyway, I'm easily influenced lol! I'm bought so many things after reading reviews on here around that I've lost count. I probably buy 3 products a week after seeing them here first. My favorite would probably be the Melanie Mills Sexy Sampler. I didn't think I was going to get selected for the tester bag so I went ahead a bought a bag anyway from their site. A week later I found out I got selected lol. My daughter is very happy though that she got her own bag! 😊

  • Pauline

    I like that you have been consistent and managed to achieve a lovely complexion and have managed to squeeze in all the pictures that go along with it. Great No Poreblem products and review for real results. Still would try these products.

  • Christina Knittel

    Great and thorough review! I keep hearing about No PoreBlem products and will most certainly be looking into them as a result!

  • Bre Walker

    These products look great! I love reading reviews and getting real feedback on products before purchasing! Thanks for the info!

  • Asti Custard

    Absolutely wonderful, thanks for the great review

  • Rukhsana

    someone on youtube mentioned how luminizing the skin looks when you use the hourglass ambient powder, i like it, wish it was more glossy looking than shimmery. i never bought the becca water powder because i was hoping it will also give a glowy wet look on the face after you set the face with it but when i swatched it on my hands in the store, it instantly mattified it, which i absolutely dislike!