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Touch-In-Sol All-In-One Beauty Aid Cream

All-In-One Beauty Aid Cream:

This is a surprising holy grail moisturizing cream for me! 

My skin is on the drier side and I found this cream to be very moisturizing. The ceramides and peptides help provide ultra rich hydration while natural extracts centella asiatica and portulaca oleracea releave and calm stressed out skin. It does have a slight medicinal/tea tree smell which isn't overpowering. 

Overall my skin felt soft and hydrated after using and I felt like it also improved the look of my makeup. 

Thank you Prism Pop! 


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  • Jenn H

    I didn’t like that it has dimethicone/silicone and fragrance added. All of those are ingredients that can cause or worsen acne. I’ve also read good reviews but I’m curious about people who have been using it for a longer time. I’m more ok with “cones” in a primer (though I’m constantly looking for other options) but I do not like them in a moisturizer. I think it’s part of why beauty and skincare are so interesting... we all can have such different experiences and needs... and there’s products for everyone! You are so glowy in your pics!!

  • Jennifer Henning

    I´m so curious about Touch-In-Sol All-In-One Beauty Aid Cream because my face dries out so badly especially in the summer. I have read a lot of good stuff about this cream about it helping acne if I have right which would be awesome. Nice review,

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