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TOSC PrismPop Tester Bag Looks

Hi PrismPop Lovelies~

I've been so very much enjoying testing out The Organic Skin Co (TOSC) products. I love that TOSC makes it easy to try makeup and skin products and be eco-conscious at the same time.  You can buy the full product or the pod insert.  The ingredients are top-notch too.  For each product purchased they plant a tree.  I love not only the quality of the makeup and skincare products but their mission as well.  

Cheeky Lips in Velvet- I love a good 2-in-1 beauty product and this does just that. You can apply to the apples of your cheeks and/or lips for a lovely flush.  It's a fuchsia-like color and is highly pigmented so a little goes a long way.  Key ingredients include rosemary and pomegranate. Retail price: $18 for a refill, $28 for refillable pot

The Eyes Have It Cream Shadow in Silhouette- This is the perfect gray.  One to two coats leaves a sheer gray on your lids.  I applied four for a darker color. It comes in a cute little pot. This is great for a day or night look. I used my own mascara and liner to complete the look. As someone who normally uses powder eyeshadows, it was fun to try out a cream shadow. Key ingredients include rosemary and calendula. Retail price: $18 for the refill, $22 for the refillable pot

Lip Service Lipstick in Galaxy and Summer Sands- These lipsticks come in gorgeous tubes with a faux wood bottom.  They glam up my makeup bag instantly.  Galaxy is a rich red color but when it goes on it has a hint of pink.  I applied a lip balm first and that was the perfect base for this lipstick.  Summer Sands looks like my lips, just way better! It's a pale pink that looks like a pinky-nude once applied.  Key ingredients in these lipsticks include; sunflower seed oil, pomegranate, and calendula.  Retail price: $24 each

Task Force Nine Tumeric and Calendula Cream- This cream is SO rich! The scent is light and sweet and it goes on so smoothly. It doesn't weigh down my skin or make it feel greasy- just well hydrated. I allowed it to absorb for a few minutes before applying the BB cream I usually wear.  It soaked in well and was a great base for the rest of my makeup.  Tumeric is a great anti-inflamatory and this is the first time I am trying it in a skincare product.  Calendula is well known as having antiseptic properties as well as also reducing inflammation. Key ingredients; turmeric, calendula. Retail price: $29

Thank you to PrismPop for sending this amazing TOSC bag for me to test. Have you tried organic makeup or skincare before? Which product are you most excited to try? 

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  • Ashley Robinson

    Love the idea of organic beauty without sacrificing glamour!

  • Stefany Scaggs

    I haven't tried them yet, I really want to I applied for the prismpop tester bag but wasn't chosen this time I'm not sure why. But I love to try these. Sounds very exciting!

  • Tina Dalasinski

    😍 I would love to try these.

  • Shanna Rios

    Got mine too, loved the products

  • Tammy

    I really want to try the products that PRISMPOP HAS TO OFFER

  • Kelly K

    Just got an email saying they are removing the lipsticks.😭 I really wanted to try them. Anyway thanks for the awesome, detailed review!

  • Tammy

    I'd love to try theses for a review

  • Barbie

    Wow. I love those colors, I'd love to be considered for this bag. Omg I'd be in heaven and be honored to review these. Never tried (tosc) but Ive heard nothing but great things about them. 🤞👌🥰

  • Caroline Cowart

    My ultimate hair care routine would be a heavy wash and condition, then i use my #ProjectBeauty #Hairgurt #HairMasque i leave it in for about 20 mins, then i rinse. When in done with that I apply a little bit of #TresemmeHairSerum and then #TresemmeHeatProtector to my wet hair, then i blow dry on low heat just to dry it. Usually im left with shiny, silky soft locks. I actually received that #Hairgurt in one of my #BoxyCharm boxes and have been s super fan of it ever since. I try to use this mask at least once a week.

  • Caroline Cowart

    Congrats!!! Your a lucky lady...that was a great tester bag campaign to win. They clearly picked the right person because that was a great review.So informative, just enough information for me to decide for myself if id like to invest in these awesome products. I actually think the turmeric cream sounds the best. I love turmeric products.

  • Cheryl Drouin

    Wow! Love the look!

  • Michelle McCray

    PrismPop is awesome. Having new products & reviews for testing and appreciating new organic products hair nails , lips & skin

  • Kim

    Looks and sounds great I'd love to try this

  • Christine Czaiczynski

    Now it would be great if Cheeky Lips made a product you can use on eyes as well as lips and cheeks. This would save my purse from being to heavy with to many touch up items.

  • Christine Czaiczynski

    I like this review and the fact that you can apply the cheeky lips on your lips and cheeks and carrying this in your purse for touch ups saves you from bringing to many items with you.

  • Jennifer Neese

    Hi! I'm kinda new on here. I loved how great and in depth the reviews are. It makes me wish it would have been me testing the products. It also helped me understand a little bit more of what this website is about. Thank you!!!

  • Kelly K

    Thanks for the awesome review!! I got this coming in the mail any day now and I am so excited. It's been hard for me waiting as I'm so anxious to try! I've never tried their products so this will be nice to see how it works out for me. You look amazing by the way. Have a great day PrimPoppers!!💜

  • Sarah Wennihan

    Wow! This was a great review. Thank you for taking the time to write this all out and take numerous pictures. I'm getting this tester as well, and can't wait! The cheek/lip combo has peeked my i treat the most. I've never tried cream cheek products, let alone something that can double for my lips.

  • Christian Callaway

    I love your review!! I am so excited to try this tester bag, the products look amazing and I love how vibrant the shades are of all the makeup products. I am also super excited to try out the cream and love that you said it is a rich cream. Creams work so well for my dry skin and keeps my skin hydrated the best! Thank you for your review!

  • Linda Blakely

    I want to try TODC products very bad! I’m a newbie on here but also have never gotten the chance to Tru out such great products I can tell all to use !!

  • LifeCoachMelanieM

    I am dying to try TOSC products!!! So pretty and healthy❣️

  • Rhonda Parker

    I have 3 hair care products that I use regularly. EVA NYC. These are the only products I need to use on my incredibly unruly hair, and because of these 3 products, I literally NEVER have a bad hair day! I use the curl shampoo, conditioner and leave in when I wash my hair, which is about 3 times a week, and it's like a miracle. My 4 different curl patterns look more uniform, I have absolutely NO frizz, and I can wear it natural and down! Before EVA NYC, nothing ever worked even remotely this well. Now, I love my hair!

  • Tonya

    I love the lipstick and your review was great I really hope I get to try

  • Angel

    Would so love to try! My hair needs this it's in bad shape!