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TOSC and NYX Cosmetics Eye Makeup Look 🥰✨

Hey guys!

In this makeup look, I used two products:

NYX Cosmetics On The Rise Mascara in a sample size. For the Full size product the price is $11 and for $2 more on the NYX Cosmetics website, you can get the mascara engraved! 💙 


The Organic Skincare Co. (TOSC) The Eyes Have It Cream Eye Shadow in the shade Silhouette. The price for this is $22 for the refillable pot and you can get it from the PrismPop Reward Store for 58,400 coins 🥰 product link

I received the eye shadow in the TOSC PrismPop Tester Bag! I really love how easy this eye shadow is to apply and how long-lasting it is. It is really pigmented and I have gotten a lot of compliments on it! I think it went really great with the NYX Cosmetics mascara sample I got. The full-size product is $11 and is a bigger size than the product pictured. The sample size is perfect to travel with. The applicator is perfect for lengthening, thickening lashes, and prevents clumps by how the bristles are on the applicator. During free time, I have been trying out experimenting with makeup more and even cut my hair.

I think they go great together and even think their eye shadow works great as an eyeliner too! 

Let me know what you guys think and what your favorite mascara is! 🥰



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